How to Pick the Best Pocket Knife for EDC


So you need a new pocket knife for EDC and you want to pick the cream of the crop. Unfortunately, as with all things in life, all things worth having don't come easily or without sacrifice. If you want to pick the best pocket knife for EDC, and not just one that will stay in the junk drawer, you’ll need to give some thought to it.

There are probably a bunch of pocket knives around the country that never leave the tool box or the shelf, but if you follow these short points you may well be able to pick out a pocket knife that you’ll take out of your pocket from time to time just from admiration. That doesn’t even account for all the times you’ll draw it to use it! 

  • Consider the steel - Corrosion resistance, edge retention and toughness; they say you can pick two, but we say consider the circumstances first. For one thing, unless you absolutely abuse your knife or work around saltwater, you don’t need to worry too much about corrosion resistance, and many grades of stainless steel blades are high quality. Then it comes down to edge retention and toughness. Here’s the deal; the higher the carbon and the more carbides that are present in the matrix, the longer it will hold an edge, but the more brittle the steel will be. 
  • Consider the grind - Hollow grinds are easy to touch up but leave an edge that is prone to chipping. Go with a flat or half flat grind unless all you will be doing is skinning and meat processing. 
  • Go with the right blade shape and profile - Trailing edges and clip points look cool, but they’re not really practical most of the time. Almost nothing will beat a sheepsfoot or a drop point blade for toughness and EDC. 
  • Easy deployment - Whether it uses thumb studs, a hole or a spring assisted mechanism, one handed opening is a lot easier than two handed opening. You need to be able to open the blade easily (really open and close it easily), so these things are a must for EDC.
  • A good locking mechanism - Liner locks and frame locks are convenient in folding knives, but they’re not as strong as lockbacks. However, they are easier to engage and disengage, so you really need to decide for yourself.
  • Scale material maintenance matters - Ebony and brass may be pretty, but they are also hard to take care of. EDC knives take a beating, so materials like tachide, G10, Micarta, carbon fiber or aluminum scales are tops.
  • Blade length - For EDC, unless you have a good reason (besides opening packages) you shouldn’t need more than a three inch blade - it’s cumbersome. 

Since you have enough on your plate, you’ll want a supplier that has what you need when you need it. Go to White Mountain Knives at and half of your work will be done for you. Great prices, free shipping and an unparalleled selection are waiting for you. The best pocket knife for EDC is just around the corner; All you need to do is make a decision and roll with it. 

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