THE MARIGOLD - The ring of prosperity

Renani Jewels achieved the title of "Most Diamond in a Single Ring" awarded by The Guinness World Records with '12638' natural diamonds encrusted in it.


It was a dream project of Renani Jewels' M.D. Harshit Bansal S/O Mr. Anil Bansal, to achieve this milestone.

The previous record was 7801 number of Diamonds broken huge difference.

Each and every Diamond was specifically tested natural which contains EF colour and VVS clarity, further these are the best qualities of diamond used in jewellery worldwide.

Ring weights 165.450 grams and 38.08 carat natural diamonds were used in it.

The ring is certified by International gemological laboratory (IGI) which is one of the most prestigious laboratory for Diamond Jewellery certification worldwide.

The ring is human wearable and the design is very comfortable.

The Ring's each individual petal is uniquely shaped and none of the petal is identical to each other which gives the ring a perfect blend of organic symmetry, design and alignment. 

It took approx 3 years for concept development and designing a final product for a beauty like this.

The ring is named as "the Marigold diamond ring" and it is believed in Indian culture that Marigold brings prosperity and luck in everyone's life.

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