Upasana Sankhwar – An Uprising International Beauty Sensation

Beauty pageant taking place in different parts of the world doesn't just look for a good looking person, but the contestant should be well versed with a compassionate and kind heart with an intellect brain to overcome challenges of the world.

Upasana Sankhwar having won the Hotstepper Model of the year 2020 award has created a buzz around the industry. One of the most prestigious categories that create a buzz in the industry. She has yet again proved why she rules the heart of youngsters over the globe. Her stunning looks with a picture-perfect figure is turning heads and making buzz around the world.
A girl from a small town like Kanpur coming from a conservative society where Hotstepper Model of the year 2020 could sound like a dream hard to turn into reality but for Upasana Sankhwar this is not the first time she has achieved such great honor. Her stunning figure has been increasing the heartbeat of millions worldwide.

An initiative by entrepreneur Founder Ahsaan Rehan and TMA Award Management to honor and recognize valuable contributions of good works done from all the industries to achieve higher goals with every passing year. Having received such a prestigious award in an event organized by Coconut Event "Coconut Media Box" during COVID-19 Upasana Sankhwar's hard work finally paid off.
Currently residing in Milan, Italy 24 year Upasana Sankhwar, a B.Com graduate has many international awards to her name. She loves representing India at the international level and gives the world reason to look out for India in search of beauties like her. Her exotic looks create a sensation in the hearts of the people worldwide.

In 2019, Upasana Sankhwar bagged several international awards like crown world top next model miss Asia 2019, World top next model India 2019, miss top international miss Asia 2019. While in earlier events she won the crown, in some events she had to settle for being 1st and 2nd runner up. In Sofia Bulgaria, Upasana Sankhwar came 1st runner up lady universe and in miss top international second runner up 2019 which was held in Pescara, Italy. In Miss Asia world 2019, she came 4th runner up proving her significance yet at another platform making India proud.
Earlier in 2018, She participated in her first contest on the International stage. Miss mermaid International where she debuted and made her mark by winning miss mermaid Asia 2018 which was hosted in Egypt. Back in 2018, she participated in and won many other competitions. She toured around a different part of the world representing her nation's name. She takes great pride and honor in representing India at the International level. In the calendar year 2018, she bagged awards like Miss summer international India 2018 held in Cyprus, Miss tourism Eurasia India 2018held in Antalya, Turkey, World tourism ambassador Mumbai 2018 held in Vietnam, Thailand, and Top model next model South Asia 2018 held in Egypt. 

Apart from her studies and modeling work, she enjoys a different kind of music. From classical old songs to hip hop music. From time to time she enjoys moving her slender body on different music beats that her ear likes.

The attention-grabbing Upasana Sankhwar, who earlier used to be shy with bikini shots grew up to love her body with time. Most of us wonder what's the secret for such an eye-catching appearance all the time. Apart from her determination and hard work towards being in the best shape possible for a model, her passion for designing dresses is one of many reasons that makes her look jaw-dropping beautiful even in a crowd.

Hotstepper Model of the year 2020 is yet another reward for Upasana Sankhwar like many many others after the start of her career in the industry. It's just the beginning of a beautiful and long journey.
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