Vitamin B12 and erectile dysfunction

Over 75% are said to have some strength of erectile dysfunction relevant studies. And, it is also believed that a man prefers if he could get things improved naturally before he gets into prescriptional and other medical stuff.

So, is there something that could help improve male erectile dysfunction naturally?

Well, there are some natural supplements and vitamins that are claimed to work: and one of these vitamins include Vitamin B12 which is currently being considered as first-line alternative treatment to FDA approved oral ED drugs.

But the question is, does Vitamin B12 really have a connection with erectile dysfunction and can treat it or not?

Let’s find out!

Erectile dysfunction and how it can be treated

Erectile dysfunction also called ED or male impotence is a male sexual disorder which is more common in men throughout aging. It makes a man incapable to achieve or maintain an erection during sex.

The main reasons why it develops may either be some blood flow concerned physical health condition or poor libido due to some emotional health condition. Some common causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) include;

  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Atherosclerosis (clogged blood arteries)
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Nerve or spinal cord injuries
  • Stress or depression
  • Performance anxiety
  • Low self-esteem, or
  • Relationship problems

These are some causes that might develop erectile dysfunction in men throughout aging or earlier indeed.

The best part here is, any treatment that helps regulate blood circulation to penile arteries and get penile tissues (corpus cavernosa) adequate blood to develop an erection: will work out. Well, FDA has already approved some medicines for that, a doctor usually prefer one of these medicines as per the patient’s condition. Or may generally go for Cialis 60 mg dose which is not just effective enough but lasts its effect for pretty longer period.

Vitamin B12 and its benefits

Vitamin B12 is a type of nutrient which is known to help keep body’s nerve system and blood cells healthy. It is also said to uplift physical strength and improve mental stability when regularly taken.

There are a couple of other health benefits of Vitamin B12 too, as often mentioned by health experts or advisors. But, as far as we require it for erectile dysfunction treatment, knowing that it might improve blood circulation is enough.

But, now the question is, whether supplementing Vitamin B12 in deficiency state will even be helpful for erectile health or just get you rid of deficiency? Well…

Vitamin B12 deficiency and erectile dysfunction

The concept here is, yes of course, Vitamin B12 deficiency could develop male erection issues: but supplementing B12 will either help with one’s current erectile health or not– because vitamins do not really work the way you often expect them too.

It is pretty obvious that Vitamin B12 is not likely to work as if Sildenafil Citrate 200mg or any other usually recommended ED drugs. It will not help with arteries dilation for better blood flow: so how would it actually help?

So, Vitamin B12 has a completely different function and effect on one’s erectile health. It could help recover overall arterial health but will take time; Vitamin B12 will not directly target your erection problem but gradually cure it and ensure prevention from reoccurrence. Moreover, if you are willing to consider Vitamin B12 for erectile dysfunction, make sure you are not taking more than 2.4 micrograms of daily B12 intake: it is the ideal dose for men.


Yes, studies have found that Vitamin B12 deficiency could often lead to erectile dysfunction– and so it can be improved by the same vitamin supplementation. But, there are a couple of things you had to know so you keep up with the treatment in the right way. Hope this helped!

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