Where to Find LED Lights for Sale

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about LED lighting and light fixtures. More people are making the switch from traditional light bulbs to LED bulbs, but why? Even in commercial settings like warehouses, office buildings, and restaurants, you will find LED lights being used. It's slowly but surely becoming the more commonly used source of lighting in most households and businesses.

Let's break down why LED Lights are the current go-to source of lighting. But first, what actually is LED Lighting, and what sets it apart from other types of lighting.

LED stands for light emitting diode. The way it works is by an electric current passing through a small microchip, which then illuminates the tiny LEDs that actually show visible light that will illuminate a room. LEDs are actually installed into light bulbs and other fixtures to omit the light.

There are many different ways that LEDs are incorporated into light bulbs and light fixtures. Some bulbs that are LED can look like the traditional light bulbs, like the one you screw into a house lamp. Other times, LED fixtures have LEDs actually built in to act as a permanent source of light. You can also find different types of hybrid sources of light bulbs that are a combination of the traditional bulb and LED lighting, but usually, those are designed for more contemporary or unique lighting.

Differences and Benefits of LED Lighting

Compared to incandescent and fluorescent lighting, there are many different features that LED lights offer. It's proven that LED's are more effective forms of lighting, are efficient enough to last longer than any other forms of lighting, and are more versatile.

Special features of LED lighting:

  • Directional light source
    • This means that LEDs shine light in a certain direction, unlike other forms of lighting that emit lighting and heat in all directions. This is a positive attribute because LED's can be used in more specific ways and aren't using their energy all at once, so they're more efficient.
  • Multi-functional
    • LED lighting also can come in many different colors. They are commonly used for signal lights, power button lights, or indicator lights. To achieve that "white" light that we are all so familiar with, a phosphorus coating is applied over the LED's and when it's illuminated, it produces that bright light we are accustomed to.
  • Energy Efficient
    • The energy efficiency of LED light bulbs compared to other forms of lighting is staggering. According to energy.gov, if you're using Energy Star rated LED light bulbs, you are using 75% less energy than normal light bulbs, and the bulbs are going to last 25 times longer than other types of lighting. If that doesn't push you to make the switch, then there's nothing that will.

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