Behaya - The Bold and Beautiful Meet at Press Club of India

February 13, 2021: Behaya - the Bold and Beautiful meet was a unique get together to celebrate the spirit of independent women. Notable women from various backgrounds and fields gathered at the Press Club of India to congratulate Author Vineeta Asthana for her Book Behaya! They collectively lauded her choice of subject for her book. Author's strong stance on women issues has made her stories gripping, instrumental in thrusting social change. 

The meet was attended by the likes of Dr. Rita Jairath, an athlete and winner of the Pro-Card from the International Federation of Bodybuilding, Writer and poet Dr. Mridul Dora, Journalist and Anchor Ms. Nandita Kodesia, Senior Journalist Sharmishtha Sharma,  Editor Ms. Rajul Tiwari among others. These women with an extraordinary choice of career and life shared their #behaya moments in the meet and questioned the double standards of society.  Behaya moments to be precise were the moments when these women faced the discrimination and name-calling from different sections of the society for their choice of relationships, opinion, work or even clothes.

Behaya! is a new Hindi Novel launched on January 1st 2021, the novel is published by the prestigious Hind Yugm publication. Her first book, Siya in Exile, the English version also dealt with grave issue of working women's plight in India, published by Authors Pride Publisher. Vineeta's book 'Behaya!' is inspired by the real-life stories of working women and their struggle against a different kind of abuse including domestic violence and sexual abuse. 

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