Gaming Consoles To Look Forward To In The Year 2021


The gaming industry has witnessed a surge over the years especially during the pandemic. While people were struggling to cope up with the mundane lifestyle, the television and entertainment industry grew. This further led to the growth of the gaming industry and it was a popular choice of entertainment for the people.

While the year 2020 was filled with troubles, the year 2021 is pumped up with new launches and opportunities. Especially for avid gamers, this year is anticipated to be a great one as with the new entrants, the gaming console market is about to boom.

While choosing any one out of the lot would be tough, we share with you the list of the best performing high-end game boxes. 

Have a glimpse at the Top 5 Gaming Consoles to look forward to in the year 2021-

1.       Amkette EvoFox Gamebox

This latest entrant by one of the leading convergence technology companies in the market is one of the few superior quality products at affordable pricing. It is indeed a magical piece and possesses the capability to transform any ordinary TV into a gaming set in just 10 minutes with its Plug and Play feature.


Ideal for games of all age groups, this is a must-have in your entertainment list due to these upscaled features and convenient pricing. Supporting 4k media playback, it comes with various preloaded games. It is assisted with a quad-core processor, 4G RAM and presently runs on Android 9 Pie ensuring that the gaming sessions are smooth.


To ensure the customer’s usage isn’t compromised, the brand offers the product with a voice-enabled air remote with Google Assistant and a wireless controller.Coming with access to Google Play, it permits the user to download android TV games and store them in the console. Its storage is humongous as it comes with 32GB eMMc storage, and with an option of adding additional storage via SD card.


Supporting 4k video output, various video formats including H.265, the brand has incorporated all the ergonomic technical features to make it an exceptional piece for all the users. 

While it does not support Netflix or Amazon Prime Video HD) for now, this limitation won’t hamper your user experience.


Price range: Priced at Rs.9, 999 it is available at and Flipkart.





2.       PS5

This is a much-awaited product for all gaming enthusiasts. Offering a seamless user experience and upgraded features of the play station by Sony, this one is another must grab piece.


It comes with 3D Audio technology, adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback to provide a flawless gaming experience. With a 4K HDR TV, it allows the user to play smoothly at 120fps along with providing support of 120Hz output on 4k displays. Another notable feature of this console is that it is compatible with 8k displays with HDMI 2.1 support. This product is known for its ultra-fast speed and integrated I/O technology. Developed with the latest premium technology, it offers a real-life gaming experience.


Its USP is that the brand offers a variety of products in this particular edition. The users have an option to choose from PS5 Console and PS5 Digital Edition. While both offer similar features, the digital version might be preferred increasingly as it offers all the features with no disc drive. This particular feature gives it an edge over the non-digital version and other gaming players in the market as well.


Price range: Priced at Rs.39, 990 for the digital edition and Rs.49, 990 for the regular version, this is worth the money invested due to its premium gaming features and technology.




3.       Microsoft 1 TB Xbox One S Console

The leader in the software industry is no far behind in the gaming industry as well. Offering Microsoft 1TB Xbox One S Console, it is considered to be in the top 5 due to its high-end features.


It comes with a wireless controller, download of Forza Horizon 4, 1 month Xbox Game Pass trial along with providing access to over 100 games, and 14 day Xbox Live Gold trial. Possessing this would be no less than heaven for the hardcore gamers. It will accentuate the gaming experience with its superior features and offers. Offering various themes and a variety of games, this piece is ideal for diverse age groups and offers the flexibility of solo or team gaming.


Price range: Priced at 25, 990 approximately, it comes with 8GB RAM, AMD Jaguar 1.75GHz 9-core processor, and superior quality graphics technology.





4.       Nintendo Switch

This advanced and developed model by the brand is one of the best in the handheld gaming segment. It is a hybrid model that offers connectivity features with TV and also works as a handheld gaming console.

Ideal for players of all age groups, this will provide a glitch-free experience. Additionally, the brand provides options in aesthetics and colors. It utilizes VR technology and provides the gamer with high-end quality gaming.


Those who don’t mind using the handheld versions, but focus on the technology and quality, should definitely go for this. 


Price range:Priced at Rs.49, 999, it offers flexible and free play modes and would be a nice selection for gaming lovers.





5.       Sony PS4 Pro

Sony is known for its durable and superior quality products. Hence, its gaming console is equally recognized and preferred by gamers.


This is one of the best gaming consoles available in the market. It comes with an 8 core processor and 900MHz GPU that helps the users run videos smoothly. This piece is known for its advanced tech-savvy features. It offers 4K HDR compatibility, a game library, and a power-packed GPU to ensure a premium gaming experience to its users.


Its HDR feature provides a high definition screen and color quality and when combined with 4K, the screen's performance is par excellence.Its library is exceptional and offers diverse Indian and global theme-based games. This gives it an edge over the other players in the gaming sector.

Its USP is its VR feature. Along with supporting the VR feature, it provides swift performing and a high-quality gaming experience.


Price range: Priced at Rs.49,999, this is ideal for those who desire HDR quality along with VR support and an upgraded 4K version.





The gaming industry was pioneered by Nintendo but soon it gained traction which led other brands to enter the gaming console market too. Now, the many brands foraying into the gaming console sector; it has increased the choices for the users.

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