India PR Distribution Provides Economic Press Release Distribution Services

India PR Distribution(IPD) - is one of India's leading PR agency providing online Press release submission services. India PR Distribution provides pocket-friendly services for submitting Press releases to Indian and global media.

press release is an official statement delivered to members of the news media for the purpose of providing information, an official account, or making an announcement.

"We are happy to see the positive response of our Press Release submission services in India and abroad", says Nitin Jain, C.E.O. of India PR Distribution.

Nitin Jain is the CEO and founder of India PR Distribution. An MBA from TVU London, Nitin has more than 20 years of experience in public relations.

Press Releases give an instant boost to your business. They increase your engagement and traffic to your website. PR shows that your company is not stagnant and still is as involved in the real world as others. News releases about you or your company build an excellent reputation for your business.

"Newsworthy PRs have a big chance of being picked up by renowned journalists. Many investors come across business opportunities through PRs", says Nitin.

Audiences are most likely to trust information that is coming from trusted sources as PRs are mostly verified press contacts that help you grow.

PR is such a powerful tool or set of tools that it helps in winning friends, influencing people favourably, persuading individuals, impelling and impressing groups and others in difficulties or difficult situations to bring birth to goodwill, its growth, nurturing it for a longer period so that the reputation and status are well guarded and upgraded. 

India PR distribution aim at providing the best PR services for you. Press releases will instantly be shared on a vast spectrum across the internet. Our services leave no scope for mistakes. India PR Distribution aims at perfection and also guide you exactly how and where to send your press releases to get the desired results.

India PR Distribution is one such platform that helps to satisfy your needs and interest in terms of your business. India PR Distribution sends your news, press release, or announcement on the basis of the media, consisting of 10,000+ current media contacts. Thus, you receive publications in the leading Indian media. Such connections help you build your image in the journalism world. The world of journalism is a tricky place, and you should always know the correct contacts to trust and invest your time in.

That is why India PR distribution is different from other platforms, as we know exactly the contacts and exposure you need. Everything is transparent, and all you need is a confiding element that will help you evolve in this world. The online Press Release we publish will be published on top indexed sites giving you the perfect audience boost.

India PR Distribution stays connected with the journalists and media publishers for press release coverage during the press release distribution process. We proofread your PRs with our team of professionals and leave no scope for mistakes. The membership plans are inexpensive and affordable. India PR Distribution will personally customize plans which will help you choose the perfect fit for you.

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