Mr. Mahavir Pratap Sharma and Mr. Girish Shivani join Kuberan’s House as the second and third investor respectively for its entrepreneurship theme-based Reality Show

The one of its kind show dedicated to start-ups and budding entrepreneurs now has its second and third investors (Kubera) on board

Kuberan’s House, a first and one of its kind platform dedicated to the upliftment of the start-up industry has announced getting on board Mr. Mahavir Pratap Sharma and Mr. Girish Shivani as the second and third investor respectively for their show. This show is a first and one of its kind for aspiring entrepreneurs, inviting applications for innovative pitches worthy of being transformed into a start-up venture from an idea they have announced the extension of the application dates to 15th February 2021.

Mr. Mahavir Pratap Sharma, the second Kubera is the Chairman and Co-founder of Rajasthan Angel Innovators' Network (RAIN), an integral part of an angel investor network of Rajasthan. He is also the founding member of four companies and has his presence across industries ranging from organic products to carpets and silver jewelry, to event management. Having pursued graduation in Science, he moved to the US and worked in the international trading market for six years. He was also the Chairman of the TiE Global Board of Trustees for the year 2020. Presently, he is the Chair of the recently announced TiE India Angels, an initiative of TiE Global.

Presently, he is considered to be one of the high-end investors and mentors in the start-up space. A passionate entrepreneur, he is also addressed as a recognized angel investor and global mentor for start-ups. Possessing an interest in global trade partnerships, alliances, and negotiations, event planning, handicrafts and textiles, strategic marketing and branding activities, he works with an aim to provide guidance to budding entrepreneurs. His interest in extending mentorship to the aspiring entrepreneurs and ideas made him the appropriate choice for roping him in as the second investor. Additionally, his current position at TiE India Angels and his craving to extend assistance and learning to the deserving individuals further supported this move of selecting him as the second Kubera.

Mr. Girish Shivani is the third Kubera to be roped in for the show. He is the Co-Founder, Executive Director, and Fund Manager Funding Partner at YourNest. He is touted to be a trend spotter and high-end advisor to clients and start-ups in the industry. Known and admired as a thought leader and domain expert in business intelligence, big data, and analytics, he possesses diverse experience in various sectors including telecom, media, IT and Finance, fund management, and equity research.

An MBA and Computer Science graduate, he worked hard to achieve his goals of being a successful entrepreneur. Due to his consistent and persistent efforts, he was able to come up with the leading venture capital firm, YourNest, and is now a well-recognized name in the start-up arena. Known to be one of the powerful members in the start-up space, he has so far invested in key firms including Uniphore, Momspresso, MIKO, CronAI pCloudy, just to name a few.

Due to his vast industry exposure and stints as an angel investor and Business Intelligence Evangelist, he is the apt choice for the next investor. Specializing in early-stage venture capital, data warehousing, and Business Intelligence and Analytics, and having over two decades of industry experience; he is always keen to learn about the emerging technologies and hence he is the next Kubera seems to be an ideal decision.

Since both of the investors' goals of providing relevant assistance and guidance to the aspiring entrepreneurs are aligned with the mission of the show, they are indeed the right selection for Kuberas. Their diverse industry experience, career portfolio, and full of struggles yet powerful journeys combined with their first-hand experiences of the start-up and angel investing industries further supports this collaboration.

Expressing his excitement over the same, Mr. Mahavir Pratap Sharma, Chairman and Co-founder of Rajasthan Angel Innovators' Network (RAIN), said, ‘’ Kuberan’s House is doing magnificent work by dedicating themselves to the start-up industry. Their entrepreneurship theme-based show is indeed one of its kind and a great initiative to upscale the industry. I am extremely delighted to be a part of this show. The innovative concept that it is, it perfectly aligns with my individual goal of serving the required assistance to the deserving and aspiring entrepreneurs by extending my mentorship and sharing my experiences with them to eventually prepare them for the industry. I have a constant thirst for marking my presence for the deserving candidates and this is one such valuable and beneficial platform for me. I am excited and looking forward to my stint as a Kubera and I hope to extend the best possible to the participants. One thing I know for sure is that this is going to be a wonderful journey.''

Mr. Girish Shivani, Co-Founder, Executive Director and Fund Manager, YourNest, shared his thoughts and joy on this announcement and said, ‘’Kuberan’s House’s initiative of coming up with an entrepreneurship based show is an extraordinary move to accelerate the start-up industry. This will definitely give the sector an added mileage. Their mission and vision struck a chord with my goals and objectives and this is what prompted me to be a part of this show. This would be the ideal platform for me to share my journey and my learning with the participants and also gain knowledge from them. I am eagerly waiting for my run as an investor on the show as I am hoping to be flooded with various out of the box ideas from the applicants. Being a tech savant, I am eager to gain insights into emerging technologies and the show will provide me an opportunity to be closely associated with the aspiring entrepreneurs and their innovations. I hope to extend my knowledge bank and experiences with them and I am all set for this roller coaster ride.''

Speaking on the announcement, Sanjeev K Kumar, CEO, and Co-Founder, Kuberan’s House said, ‘’ we are delighted to share that the preparations are in full swing and we are indeed awaiting the launch of the show. So far, we have received over 17k applications. We are elated to have Mr. Mahavir and Mr. Girish Shivani on board as our second and third investors. Their diverse career trajectory and portfolio, strong journey, vast industry experiences will be an asset for our show. We are hopeful that for the participants this will be a golden opportunity to gain real-time industry experience directly from the domain experts. Roping them in will not only extend expert assistance but will also bring enthusiasm and powerful vibes on the show and amongst the participants as well.''

Kuberan’s House has extended the show’s registration until 15th February 2021. Segregated into multiple stages along with a thorough filtering process, the show has various perks for all the participants which include funding, Kuberan’s House fellowship, a comprehensive 3-day workshop, and a golden opportunity to perform at the global monthly event, ‘Open Innovation Week’.

To apply and pitch your idea, please log onto their website,

Mr. Mahavir Pratap Sharma and Mr. Girish Shivani join Kuberan’s House as the second and third investor respectively for its entrepreneurship theme-based Reality Show Mr. Mahavir Pratap Sharma and Mr. Girish Shivani join Kuberan’s House as the second and third investor respectively for its entrepreneurship theme-based Reality Show Reviewed by Twinkle on 23:55:00 Rating: 5
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