Overcoming Last Mile Delivery hurdle This Valentine’s Day

As logistics industry prepares for a V Day surge, last mile delivery app Pickkup gears up with additional tech logistics support

Valentine’s Day is one of the significant peak times for the logistics industry as e commerce orders and gift couriers surge during this week

Hyderabad based last mile delivery app has ensured comprehensive logistic preparation for a seamless Valentine’s Day week


Hyderabad, Feb 2021: With the Valentine’s week leading to a surge in e commerce orders and gift deliveries, the logistics industry is geared for the year’s first peak season. Hyderabad based last mile delivery app Pickkup has boosted its logistics preparation by harnessing technology, operational expertise and innovative order management mechanism to ensure a seamless customer experience even as deliveries peak.

Valentine’s week is one of the peak times for the logistics industry as order deliveries and couriers significantly surge in numbers during this period. However, the rise in volumes often leads to delays and compromised customer satisfaction.

With a comprehensive advanced preparation to meet the surge, enterprise focused last mile delivery startup Pickkup is ensuring that the efficiency of its logistics services is top notch and customer expectations are met.

“The logistics industry has different peak times such as Diwali, Valentine’s Day and Rakhi festivals. However, peak season deliveries sometimes leads to logistics delays and customer dissatisfaction. At Pickkup, we harness technology to ensure high degree of customer satisfaction. With a comprehensive logistic preparation done in advance for the Valentines week, Pickkup is making 1000+ deliveries everyday, compared to 150 last fiscal. Our live tracking, transparent pricing, reliability of verified riders and live customer support is key to ensure timely operations even during peak seasons,” said Hemanth Chandra, CEO of Pickkup, a unique and promising sector agnostic last mile delivery startup focused on businesses.

Pickkup’s tech support and logistics algorithms ensure that surging are managed efficaciously by the existing fleet of delivery agents. Pickkup harnesses technology to club and batch the orders based on demand, allowing for more deliveries to be completed in a shorter window of time and overcome the challenge of long distance deliveries in the city.

“We are witnessing a 40% jump in delivery volumes this week as compared to the previous week. However, our advanced tech support system ensures a seamless distribution of order volumes,” added Hemanth.

With focus on enterprises comes predictability in terms of order volumes, area and localised data. This helps Pickkup’s delivery executives service more than one orders in most scenarios. For example: if a customer requires 50 orders to be picked up from his place between 7-9 am, 10 delivery executives are enough to process all those 50 orders. Hence, a rider is available regardless of the season of the year or the hour of the day.

Pickkup which delivered its first order in November 2018 has witnessed impressive growth in orders over the past year. It has serviced over 125 merchants, delivered 2,00,000+ orders covering 15,00,000+ kms so far with an uncompromising policy for a safe and secure service.

Notably, Pickkup is an enterprise focussed delivery app that works with businesses across many industries, including retail, floral, sweets, confectionary, gift articles, agro food, vegetables, laundry and more, to provide reliable and professional instant and on demand delivery services, backed by cutting-edge technology.



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