Surprise your partner with personalized video messages from their favourite celebrities this Valentine’s Day

The season of love is here. Romance can be difficult after months of living during these unprecedented times, whether you have a long-distance relationship or expressing your love through Zoom. It is a problem many of us are facing. But a trendy Valentine’s day gift can make your partner feel special and loved. Why not gifting a personalized message from your partner’s favourite stars? Chocolates, cake, jewellery, flowers, etc. are a few common gifts that loved ones give each other on Valentine’s Day. But, this year if you really want to woo your valentine, gift something personalized that will always remain close to their heart. We have curated a list of top 5 platforms that will help you brighten your partners day. 


Choose from the list below:


1. Paytm Insider - One of India’s leading entertainment platforms to discover and find tickets to the latest movies, curated live events and experiences recently launched an exciting new feature ‘Shoutouts’ that lets you gift your loved ones a personalized celebrity video message. The multiple genres of artists include popular influencers, actors, music artists, sports personalities, comedy artists, RJs, celebrity lookalikes, poets models, and more from across the country. Some of the renowned celebrities on the platform include comedy artists like Kaneez Surka, Atul Khatri, Supaarwoman, Ahsaan Qureshi, Upasana Singh, Kumar Varun, music artists like Sreerama Chandra, Florence Vohera, Sultaan, actors like Hiten Tejwani, Delnaaz Irani, Sharman Joshi, among many others. All one needs to do to book a Shoutout is select the artist, specify the details such as the occasion and the recipient’s name, and they will receive the message via email within the specified time. For more details click here:


2. Celebrify - Celebrify lets you book personalized video messages from your favourite celebrities. Get personalized videos from your favourite celebrities at just one click. Request personalized video messages for your partner, friends, family, loved ones or even yourself. Be it a doubt or even a special wish from your favourite celebrity. All you can do to celebrify your occasion is register yourself on Celebrify and you're all set to explore all the celebrities on Celebrify. Search for your favourite celebrity, write-up a small message that you'd like to share with the celebrity and click the Celebrify button and that will reach your loved ones. For more details click here: 

3. Tring - It is India’s largest celebrity engagement platform. The key objective is for customers to be able to get a personalized experience from over 2000+ celebrities! The platform helps in connecting fans to their favorite or famous celebrities through personalized video/messages/shoutout. Gift your loved ones or yourself a direct message through this platform. It does it through personalized Videos, Direct Messages, Live Video Calls & even Wishes On-Radio. You can get a wide range of celebrities: Movie Stars, TV Stars, Influencers, Models, Sportspersons, Athletes & many more loved faces on the platform. For more details click here: 

4. Wysh - Celebrity engagement and wishing platform, Wysh enables fans to get personalized video messages from their favourite celebrities. Through WYSH, users can also gift their loved ones or friends a video directly from their favourite stars. Be it a Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary, work promotion, or simply want your favorite celebs to say a few words, we got you covered!!! You can request a WYSH for yourself or for your loved ones. Your favorite star will then record a special video message just for you. Your video message will then be sent directly to you on your WYSH app, so you can share anywhere, anytime! For more details click here: 

5. Yoshot - YoShot allows you to get personalized video messages from your favorite celebrities and social influencers. This app is for Celebrity Logins only to allow them to view shout-out requests and create shout-out videos. For more details click here: 


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