#YeLoveHai: This Valentine’s Day, celebrate everything you love through Glance

It’s February, the month of love, and Glance wants you to fall in love with all the small things that you truly adore!


Bangalore, February 15, 2021: Glance, the world’s leading lock screen platform, has launched a new campaign #YeLoveHai as the world celebrates Valentine’s Day on Sunday. The campaign is aimed at taking the meaning of love to the next level, celebrating the love for small things in life what we truly adore in daily lives.


The light-hearted campaign includes celebrities like Rajkumar Rao, Hardik Pandya and Ali Fazal encouraging people to post videos and pictures with the #YeLoveHai and #YeGlanceHai on their moments of love. The celebrity posts have started creating a buzz and has already garnered around 700k views on their handles as of today. 


Speaking on the campaign, Bikash Chowdhury, Vice President – Marketing at Glance, said, ““It’s true that February is seen as the month of hearts and flowers, and we at Glance wanted to redefine the way Valentine’s Day is seen as. With this campaign, we encourage people to celebrate small joys in life, be it having a perfect cup of coffee in the morning or watching a cricket match or a movie. We have seen tremendous response to the campaign with people posting pictures and videos of things that they love. It is overwhelming to see the people celebrating the things that they love.  Often, love happens at first Glance.”.


Glance will be featuring the top 10 winning posts on 15th February on Instagram and Twitter, along with a compilation video of the Top 20 winners across both the platforms. This will give an opportunity for the creators to be visible on Glance’s page and to reach a wider audience base.

The campaign aims to bring a positive transition to the way we all look at Valentine’s day, which is not just celebrating relationships, but also things that brings joy to everyone. After all, it's not always about finding love in a person, but finding love in a moment.


For your reference please find the below to the videos.

RajKumar RaoHardik Pandya and Ali Fazal


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