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The water crisis in India has been increasing acutely, and the reason behind this catastrophe occurring is the rising industrialization. Due to heavy industrialization, the water bodies are becoming more and more toxic as the toxic chemical wastes are dumped into the larger body of water.

It not only decreases the quality of the water but makes it harder for corporations to eradicate the toxicity. The process of sedimentation, even the process of filtration adopted by the municipality to keep the water clean, is not taking place.

That is why the urgency has prompted many people to purchase the water purifier to be purified from their end. Because the remains of microorganisms, toxic elements, and other components bearing a tainted print cause the water to be polluted.

It can only be eliminated with the help of advanced technical assistance like RO filtration, a reverse osmosis filtration process, and more.

Parts of a RO purifier that needs to be serviced:

The water purifier has to be maintained for conserving the potential functionality of the machinery. Constant usage of the water purifier wears down the machinery parts and leaves an effect that affects the parts’ functionality.

That is why one has to conduct water purifier services by calling Kent customer care. However, you can choose to opt for doing these activities to maintain the operation of the purifier.

Mainly the purification process in RO water purifiers takes place in three stages. These stages of pre-filters, reverse osmosis, water purifier’s RO membranes and post-filtration ensure that the water is rid of toxic membranes.

  • Tend to the RO membrane:

 The first thing that you are required to do is take care of the water purifier’s RO membranes, as these membranes are used to block polluted microorganisms in the water. Generally, the water is pushed at the pressure of 35psi to pass through the RO membrane.

The membrane is super thin, helping clear out the solutes from the solvent, passing only purified solvent through it. The central part of the purification process is, thus, the RO membrane. So regularly cleaning the membrane becomes essential.

If the membrane is dirty and has granules of pollutants stuck to it, not only will it fail to pass water at a normal speed, it may even send out dirty water. That is why the membrane has to be changed at least 3 to 4 months to prevent the pores’ clogging.

  • Change the filters routinely:

Apart from the alteration of the RO membrane, the after of the RO purifier has to be changed too to maintain the functionality of the whole machinery. Routinely it has to be altered every three months. The filter needs to be changed by the filter fur’s contamination to the blocking contaminants that clog the filter’s pores.

Not cleaning the filter or not changing the RO purifier’s membrane may lead to this issue where filtration’s power may weaken. If one does not change the filters in due time, the water will bear the remnants of the disinfectant main it unfit for drinking.

As the RO water purifier has up to twelve water purification levels, one has to conduct a maintenance service by calling the Kent customer care at least thrice a year.

  • Change the sediment filter:

Multiple layers of filters are added to the water purifier, purifying the water gradually removing the toxic elements. Each membrane is responsible for weeding out selective remnants of toxic microorganisms.

One of those critical filters that remove first sediments and slit from the water is a sediment filter. This particular part of the water purifier should be serviced at least once a year. Though it might not need frequent alteration, it needs to be conducted at least once nonetheless.

  • Replace the carbon filter:

Like the sediment filter, the carbon filter is also an essential part that removes the water’s chemical contaminants. This plays a crucial role in water purification as the carbon filter erases harmful chemicals like chlorine and other toxic pollutants.

It not only affects the functionality of the RO membrane but affects our life too. If you taste your water to be odd and smell a bad odour coming out of it, then it means that the carbon filter needs to be fixed or changed by calling the Kent RO customer care.


Only changing these parts will not make the functionality of the water purifier to be top-notch. You have to do certain things to maintain the operability of the machine. Ensure that you clean the tank of the water purifier, check drips and leakages. Call Kent RO customer care to get the help you need. 

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