Inventivepreneur Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gets New International Chapter Partners on Board

New Delhi, 1st March 2021: New International Chapter Partners of Inventivepreneur met together virtually to discuss strengthening of multilateral relationships between India, Turkey, Cairo, Lebanon and Brazil. The Virtual Ceremony was presided by Rishabh Malhotra, Philippe Ryser, Erman M. Yurdakul, Rufat Ibrahimov, Paul G C Hector and Arun Murthy where the new International Chapter Partners were on-boarded and were presented with e-Certificates. The new International Chapter Partners include, Mr. Philippe Ryser, General Manager and BOD member at CEPTIS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Mr. Erman M. Yurdakul & Mr. Rufat Ibrahimov, Partners, Yudrakul International, Istanbul, Turkey and Dr. Paul G. C. Hector (PhD), Advisor for Communication and Information, UNESCO Regional Bureau for Sciences in the Arab States Cluster Office for Egypt and Sudan who will also extend his support in Lebanon.


Together with ICCI, these four new International Chapter Partners will lend their time, expertise and leverage their professional networks for collective thinking and collaborative action around how to develop new and strengthen existing business opportunities in between India and their countries and how to identify and nurture businesses that have unique value delivery products and services, but are currently unable to grow due to scarcity of capital or skills.


During the ceremony, speaking from Rio De Jenerio, Brazil, Mr Philippe Ryser, said, “We are very excited to join Inventivepreneur and hope to together create business opportunities that benefit us mutually.” Mr Erman M. Yurdakul, speaking from Istanbul, Turkey, said, “We are pleased with this association and will constantly support businesses that have the potential to grow in both the countries.” Adding to this, Mr Rufat Ibrahimov, said, We are glad that we will be able to contribute towards business growth in India and Turkey.” Speaking from Cairo, Egypt, Dr. Paul G C Hector, said “This collaboration is of utmost importance for both Cairo and India as strengthening bilateral ties will be advantageous for both.”


Mr. Rishabh Malhotra, Vice President of ICCI said, “ICCI’s India team will closely work with each one of the International Chapter Partners to design and deploy future flagship Initiatives for Asia specific business acceleration, bilateral dialogues specific to industries, integration of supply chains and improvement of manufacturing efficiencies.” As he hosted this Virtual Ceremony from the Inventivepreneur House, New Delhi, Mr. Malhotra in his speech recognised the extensive work already delivered. He further added, “ICCI will seek help of the Indian Government as per the need of Businesses and Citizens in each one of these countries, Brazil, Turkey, Egypt and Lebenon. These new efforts of ICCI combined with other ongoing initiatives like GIA21 and Fund100 will improve the International trade with India further.’’

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