Six Yards & 365 Days is all set to host their National meet to celebrate the handloom sarees of India

 The Non-Profit trust has partnered with Arupa Mission Research Foundation to light up the houses of the weavers in the village of Olasingh in Orissa 

New Delhi, March 4th 2021: Six Yards 365 Days, a Non-Profit Charitable Trust, is hosting a National Meet event 2021 in New Delhi. The event is scheduled on March 7th 2021 in Indian International Centre, New Delhi. The one of its kind events holds a generous motto behind it of supporting the weavers across the country by generating regular employment opportunities for them. The idea behind this campaign is to encourage women to drape the six yards all 365 days of the year and also the artisans to continue their profession and keep the Indian tradition alive. This motive drives Six Yards and 365 days to organise Regional Chapter Meets and events across the country and educate people about this beautiful Indian wear. The chief guests of honour at the event will be Ms. Jaya Jaitly, a renowned Author, Curator and a strong promoter of and expert in the field of India's arts and crafts cottage industries.

The noble event is organised to support the handloom weavers of Olasingh village, Odisha. The funds collected at the event will be transferred to Arupa Mission Research Foundation to help the weaving community in their livelihood, healthcare and education. The foundation will be installing light bulbs in the 80 households and helping the marginalised families by providing them Weaving Shuttles, Reeds and an instrument called ‘Ba. Six Yards & 365 Days will also be helping them to market their sarees.

Talking about the event, Ms Sunita Budhiraja, Managing Trustee, said,” I am exhilarated to be a part of Six Yards and 365 Days family and supporting such an amazing cause. Indeed, sarees are a crucial part of every woman’s closet in Indian households and we are actively promoting and reviving the Indian traditional clothing. A weaving of a single saree can generate employment opportunities for an average of 70 people. We highly support the Indian attire and recommend the youngsters to equally appreciate our cultural beliefs. The event is directly associated with supporting the local weavers of Olasingh village and urge members connected with us via social media across the country to support the cause generously and promote our beautiful & vibrant saree cultures wherever they go.”

Ms. Sunita Budhiraja started the ‘Six Yards and 365 Days, saree movement’, a Facebook campaign in sync with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India initiative in August 2015. Ms. Aditi Mukherjee and Mrs. Sohini Ray from Kolkata have been supporting the campaign which has now taken the shape of a movement crossing 32,000 members worldwide and counting. Each member of the group religiously drapes handloom saree every day.


Six Yards & 365 Days is all set to host their National meet to celebrate the handloom sarees of India Six Yards & 365 Days is all set to host their National meet to celebrate the handloom sarees of India Reviewed by Twinkle on 00:55:00 Rating: 5
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