6 Eventual Analytics Tools And Metrics On Instagram To Track

 Monitoring analytics tools is the perfect way for everyone on Instagram to acquire the information they want to know what parameters resonate with their people. Analytics tools tell which of your objectives on social media are better to focus on and give you the data that you want to validate your Instagram ROI.

Here, we can see six eventual analytic tools and metrics to track on Instagram to bring massive results. Let's jump in.

Analytics Tools On Instagram

There are various analytics tools to analyze what's working on your strategy. Here are a few tools that are updated in functioning parameters to bring success to your business or brand.

     Instagram Insights

It is Instagram's analytics tool that provides how your post or content performs. It shows your audience's demographics, when they are online and what they are tapping on, and also what they are more likely interested in. 

You want to switch your regular profile to business profile to use Instagram Insights. It includes merging your profile to your business page on Facebook.

     Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite shows you the various data that Instagram insights don't. Here are a few:

  • It offers you the data from past
  • Run various customizable reports when you like
  • Rank comments on Instagram by (negative or positive) sentiments
  • Monitors your post-performance using specific metrics

It also supports every social media network; you can get your every analytics in a single place and quickly analyze what is working perfectly and where you want to develop.


It provides an Instagram audit freely for every business account. It shows you where you are exceeding and gives tips to improve your strategy. It accesses your previous thirty days of uploads and also your profile. 

Iconosquare gives a free turn to their premium pro dashboard. Through this, you can use every metric: story data, follower stats, engagement rates, etc.


It is also known as "conversation tracker," which means it specializes in analyzing keywords and hashtags.

It helps analyze Instagram contests, promotions, and branded hashtags. But, it requires us to upgrade if we need any more data a previous week.


This tool is handier in nature because it helps primarily in fraud detection on Instagram. Hypeauditor is the updated one for influencers which showcases how many fans are real or fake. 

It is worth using if you are searching for trustable brands or business partners. This tool provides analytics perfectly on your brand affinity and the demographics of your partner's audience.

Bonus Tip


Social rank makes you monitor, categorize, and sort your Instagram followers. Also, you can get Instagram followers depending on hashtags, keywords used in the bio. It helps figure out the fans who have more Instagram influence, fans that mainly engage with your business or brand, and the verified profiles that follow your business or brand. 

It is an easy and simple tool for every beginner and the most effective report-making for every business. It won't provide in-depth information until it is updated.

Important Metrics On Instagram To Track

Analytics tools are more powerful these days to most marketers. Using these metrics, not only tracking the regular posts, but you can track likes, comments, and massive comments for IG views as well to get what works best and what didn't. Here are the best metrics to track for analyzing your results.

     Account Metrics On Instagram

  • Engagement rate
  • Follower growth rate
  • Website traffic
  • Hashtag performance

     Audience Metrics

  • Demographics

     Individual Post Metrics

  • Post engagement rate
  • Post comments
  • Impressions
  • Reach

     Story Metrics On Instagram

  • Story engagements
  • Navigational action counts

     Ad Metrics On Instagram

  • Click-through rate
  • Conversions


Social media is a give-and-take policy relationship between a business or brand and its customers. Early, you want to analyze what your trustable customers need and give them through their journey.

Your analytics tools choices on Instagram may differ based on the brands or businesses. Many free analytics tools work for some businesses, while the paid tools work for others. 

Refer to the tools mentioned earlier and choose the perfect tools for your business or brand to bring strong results.

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