Kashmir Great Lakes Trek–Explore the Majestic Lake and Splendid Mountains


The trek passes through a snow-capped mountain summit, bewitching landscapes, flaming pines and higher altitude lakes. The Seven Lakes Trek in Kashmir is a slice of heaven on earth. It has everything which the character offers in scenic lap. Nurtures amazing landscapes, majestic High mountain routes, lush green valleys, gushing streams, blooming wildflowers, sparkling glacier.

The magnificent views of the mountains, Glacier lakes filled with trout fishes, infrequent high elevation birds, and an encounter with a wild lifestyle. Flora and fauna of this north-western Himalayas and not to mention the breath-takingHarmukh Peak 5400 Meters and ancient 8th-century temple ruins at Naranag valley. . The trail follows the habitual path of the Gujjars (the wandering shepherds of Kashmir) from Sonmarg into Naranag valley.

The fantastic Lakes of Kashmir trek is set in an almost celestial arena of mountain vistas, endless pasturelands, and needless to say the great lakes. Arguably the best method to witness the beauty of the Kashmir Himalaya, you will be rewarded with a palette of colours every single day that you walk this course. The trek is moderate but goes over high 3900m+ high moves, but the relaxing terrain, deep azure coloured mountains and lush flower-filled meadows make the moving extremely pleasant.

You may get to experience a few cultural insights. Neighbourhood shepherds, their herds and households might be your trail companions. On your way from Srinagar to Sonmarg and as well on the houseboat you'll get a notion of the local culture, food and religion in Kashmir. There's colour everywhere. The Great Lakes of Kashmir trek will direct you to its turquoise blue-green lakes, climbs over high altitude passes and offers one of the best road experiences you will savour for life.

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek itinerary, the Simple trekking is Nights eight Day, To Finish the total Trekking route from Sonamarg to Naranag. Countless unexplored alpine lakes require more time to research. A.M every morning. A.M in the morning. You can bring your lunch from 12.30 to 1 p.m. Its lunchtime. Trekking Guide and Back horse up will business you in small batches. And large batches will probably have Guide, co-guide and two back up horses.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek –

Itinerary- Map-cost- Greatest Time:

Kashmir Great Lakes, aka KGL, is a comparatively new trail become ever more popular and now among the most coveted trek during monsoon. Kashmir-"The heaven on earth" is truly unfurled during this 7 days walk covering a space of 65 Km. Several high altitude lakes and alpine meadows dotted with tiny wildflowers makes this trip a fun one.

Day wise Itinerary for Kashmir Great Lakes Trek:

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Day 1: Srinagar into Sonamarg: The journey Start's afternoon from Srinagar centre by car around Sonamarg 3 hoursDrive. Overnight foot slopes of Tajwais glacier. On possession of Sind River in camps. This is very important for acclimatization. A brief hike to the tajwais glacier may be wonderful to acquire in high altitude condition.

The most convenient means to achieve Srinagar is via flight. Sheikh Ul-Alam International Airport in Srinagar (Code: SXR) is around 10 Km from the city centre.

Day 2:Sonamarg to Nichnai 6 Hours Trek 11 kilometres Distance: The Route Start from Sonamarg up to shekdur. The Trail experiences long pine trees, Vast pastures, covered with lush green grass, white hills, and glacier flow that will run on the way. The trail directs into the silver birch forest and finally advances throughout the boulders route up to Nichnai valley. This is will be your first occurrence on high elevation hills of the trek, therefore headache is a common experience.

Day 3: The route begins in Nichinai Valley, and the first three hours of ascent to Nichnai Pass are strenuous. The Pass is almost 4000 meters high. The meadows en route are all carpeted with a startling selection of wildflowers and contains the magical view of the great Himalayan mountains. Later Nichnai top descending gradually to the Vishansar Lake campsite. This is Alpine lake at Kashmir Great Lakes.

Day 4:Krishansarlake: It is rest day you're able to make a short hiking trip up to krishansar lake, and do sight-seen about, trout angling can be alternative. The meadows around the lakes are very beautiful.

Day 5: This is a difficult day for anyone on staff; crossing the Gadsar pass requires the best conditions possible. The Track Start's out of Vishansar the very first climb to Krishansar lake is easy going. From Krishansarlake 2 hours very steep ascend around Gadsar pass 4300 meters. From the pass, the real paradise starts with magical great lakes. On a clear day, a magnificent view of yamsar lake as well as also the Nanga Parvat is potential. Wildflowers, glaciers, rare blossoms, wild creatures are other beauty of this trail.

Day 6:Gadsar to Mengendob 4 hours trek and 10 km Distance: The trail begins from Gadsar campsite. After crossing the snow bridge it is a moderate ascends to Kustoorkut, on the opposite of Kustoorkut there is a lone permanent settlement of Nomadic helmet is named Jawdora. After Kustoorkut you'll take the left curve to arrive at the Satsaran campsite. Even though reaching the campsite you will stop by the Satsar Lake.

Day 7:The journey begins with a climb from Mengandob to the Zaji Pass. By zaji pass, you may see twin lakes of Gangabal and Nandkhol using the clear view of Mount (Harmukh 5400 meters elevation) including KhoulsarLake. There are other tiny lakes to view from the pass. From Zaji pass it is a little tough to descend up into the Gangabal campsite close to the lake.

Day 8:Gangabal to Naranag valley 6 hours Trek and 15 km Distance: The route begins with easy Walking around Trundkhul, Budshare ridge, from the ridge a difficult 4 hours descent begin up to the Naranag valley. After reaching the Naranag, you may see 4000 years old Naranag temple ruins and push to Srinagar.

The best way to achieve a KGL trek base (Sitkari close Sonamarg).

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