5 Home Workout Exercises for Women

 Taking the best care of your health at all times is extremely important, and there is no better way to do that than a balanced, nutrition-packed diet and regular physical activity. Experts suggest taking some time out for yourself on a daily basis and getting the recommended amount of physical activity but considering how hectic life can often get, this can be a tad bit difficult. Hitting the gym is not always possible, but that should in no way keep you from exercising, so workout at home is an option just as good.

Many people have the misconception that zero equipment workouts are not as effective, but this is not true. Workout at home will give you just as many benefits with the added ones of flexibility and convenience. Home workout benefits include better weight management, reduced stress levels, better sleep patterns and many more. For women, workout at home exercises can also help relieve menstrual pain. Here are five home workout exercises you should start regularly practising right away:

  1. Jumping Jacks: This is a type of full-body cardio exercise that you should start at moderate to low intensity and move on to high intensity. This requires you to jump continuously by moving your legs outwards with some space between them and simultaneously lifting your arms along. Sometimes your arms meet above your head in a clap. A few reps of jumping jacks regularly will get your fitness journey started very well.

  1. Bicycle Crunches: Begin by lying down on your back and placing both your arms being your head. Now, bend your legs slightly at the knees, bring your left knee upwards to meet your right elbow at the chest and repeat this with your right knee and left elbow. Keep doing these alternative bicycle crunches at a steady pace.

  1. Side-Lying Hip Abduction: Lie down on your left side with one arm under your head for support and the other one resting at your side. Make sure your spine and joints are straight. Lift up your right leg by using your core strength and keep this up for some time. Now, repeat the same with your other leg.

  1. Plank Hip Dips: Start off by getting down in the plank position. Slowly rotate your spine and lower your right hip towards the floor gently. Don’t touch the floor; get back in the plank position and now lower your left hip towards the floor. Repeat this for about 20-30 seconds based on your capacity.

  1. Burpees: This is another exercise that engages all your body muscles. Stand straight and then lower your body into a squat, followed by a plank position you can get into by moving your feet backwards. After this, get your feet back towards your hands, stand up with a small jump and repeat.

Workout at home is an effective solution for many problems that you can use to keep yourself healthy. Check out live workout sessions from cult.fit that are bound to give you all the motivation and guidance you need to take better care of yourself.

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