Top 7 Facebook Marketing Tools

 Facebook is undoubtedly one of the social media platforms; It has such a huge user base that it has surfaced as the king of social media networks. Even though it is one of the oldest social media platforms, it still registers more than 2.80 billion monthly active users. 

Facebook has become an integral part of people’s daily lives and has made such an impact that it has become impossible for marketers to ignore the influence of this social media giant. Businesses always look to include Facebook as part of their marketing strategy; Facebook introduced Facebook Ads to help businesses and marketers solve its purpose, but it turned out a little costly for small businesses. 

In this blog, we will be discussing 7 best Facebook marketing tools that include Facebook widget as part of marketing strategy. These tools are economical and efficient and are popular in the market.

Top 7 Facebook Marketing Tools

  • Tagembed

Tagembed is the best social media aggregator tool available in the market. The tool fetches, aggregates, curates, and customizes the posts from social media and displays them as one unified presentation. 

Tagembed also provides the option to embed Facebook feed related to your business on your website. It fetches the posts using Facebook profiles, tags, mentions, and locations. The tool provides you the feature to monitor the feeds and filter out all irrelevant posts. 

It makes your website interactive and engaging for the audience by providing regular and up-to-date Facebook feeds. It provides a sneak into your Facebook chatter and helps you to gain more followers on Facebook.

  • EdgeRank Checker

Facebook analytics is a must for any business to know about the progress of their feeds and to analyze their Facebook posts. EdgeRank Checker is a brilliant Facebook marketing tool that has emerged as a solution for this purpose.

EdgeRank Checker provides a complete analysis and overview of your Facebook page. It presents the data in neat charts and graphs, so it is easy to read and interpret. 

The tools have some advanced features that you can unlock by paying some cost. These features include page recommendations, key metrics etc. all these advanced features come under the paid plans. 

  • AgoraPulse

A campaign plays an important role in the brand and product awareness of a business. Many businesses use social media platforms to promote their brands and campaigns. 

It is a difficult task to keep track of all the campaigns and to plan a campaign. AgoraPulse is an amazing tool that helps you to keep track of all the campaigns and schedule the campaign. 

You can organize different campaigns like Photo Content, Quiz, Fan Vote, Quiz, Personality Test, etc. by using this tool. 

AgoraPulse provides you a dashboard that shows an overview of your page’s activities and helps you to schedule posts and organize campaigns. It is a useful tool for businesses and helps to analyze and improve the performance of your campaigns and posts.

  • ShortStack

A business is heavily dependent on social media campaigns for their brand awareness on social media. A successful campaign helps a business provide a brief about the product and customers get to know about business and product. 

ShortStack is a Facebook campaign tool that helps you build your campaign. It provides templates for the campaigns and helps you to start the campaign from scratch. 

It helps you to push the campaign, create unique pages and analyze the result. It is a coding-free tool, and hence it is easy to use. 

ShortStack provides 4 pricing plans; Business, Agency, Brand and Enterprise. You can choose the appropriate plan that suits your campaign.

  • Facebook Page Barometer

Facebook Page Barometer is another popular Facebook marketing tool. A business always wants to keep in track their progress and have knowledge about the competitors.

Facebook Page Barometer is a tool from AgoraPulse, it provides the information about reach, engagement, and feedback of your Facebook page and compares it with the Facebook page of a similar audience. 

It is an amazing tool to analyze the page’s performance and allows you to optimize your campaign as per need.

  • Likealyzer

Likealyzer is a phenomenal Facebook marketing tool; it reviews your Facebook page, provides you the data about the performance of your page, and gives recommendations to improve the reach.

It is an easy-to-use tool and provides a great insight into the performance of your Facebook page. It reviews the page and provides you with a comprehensive report and score about the page.

  • Pagemodo

Pagemodo is an excellent Facebook marketing tool, it helps to create Facebook tabs, visual posts and runs contests. The tool helps you to design the posts for your Facebook.

Pagemodo provides a wide range of templates that helps you to design a post for your Facebook page or Facebook campaign.


Social media has changed the way of marketing in this digital era. Brand and businesses focus more on social media presence and awareness. As Facebook is the king of social media, brands prefer Facebook marketing over other platforms.

And as now you know 7 amazing tools that can enhance your social media presence and create brand awareness. Go ahead and try these tools and get an edge over your competitors.

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