5 Easy Ways To Reverse Hair Loss & Promote Hair Growth



Hair growth is influenced by a variety of factors, including a person's genetic background. Your hair is supposedly your crowning beauty, so it's pretty obvious you want to improve it if you're not satisfied with it. Hair loss and thinning have become more widespread in recent years in the majority of people.

While genes may be to blame for some, chemicals found in hair styling and coloring products may be to blame for others. Hair loss in males can be caused by a variety of medical disorders, hormonal changes, and baldness, among other things. Consuming the best liquid vitamins might aid you in curbing this problem.

Some Probable Reasons For Hair Loss

1.   Hormonal Imbalance

People over the age of thirty may experience a hormonal imbalance, which can result in hair loss. Excessive dihydrotestosterone (DHT) conversion is frequently to blame.

Despite the fact that estrogen is the principal hormone generated by women, hormones like testosterone and other androgens are also observed in the female body. Women may begin to convert these androgens to DHT once they reach a particular age.

2.   Intake Of Birth Control Pills

Hair loss is caused by excessive usage of birth control tablets. Hair loss can be caused by the hormones in the pill that suppress ovulation, especially in women who have a family history of hair loss.

When you stop using the tablet, you may have hair loss. Blood thinners, as well as medications for high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, and depression, have been linked to hair loss.

3.   Poor Quality Hairstyling Products

Because of the harmful chemicals present in dyes and styling treatments, over-treated hair can lead to hair damage.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which is detrimental to your immunity system and has been shown to damage hair follicles and inhibit hair development, is also found in practically all shampoos. Stick to natural shampoos and dyes if possible.

Best Ways To Reverse Hair Loss & Promote Hair Growth

1.   Conditioning & Cleansing Hair

We need to use a gentle shampoo that won't completely strip our scalp of its natural oils. When it comes to conditioning, simply shampooing the hair will not be enough. Apply an excellent conditioner to 3/4ths of your hair, avoiding the scalp. Amino acids are found in most conditioners, and they assist in nourishing and repairing hair while also reducing frizz and breakage.

We can't prescribe a specific frequency of hair washing because it all depends on the individual's hair type and how quickly the scalp turns oily after washing. However, we do not recommend washing your hair so often that it becomes dry to the point where it has breakage.

2.   Avoid Sweating Heavily

During the summer, men with oily hair develop dandruff as a result of sweating, and the likelihood of hair loss increases. Shampoos containing aloe vera and neem might help keep the scalp cool and prevent dandruff.

In addition, males who wear helmets lose a lot of hair in the heat. Sweat builds up in pores, weakening hair roots and causing hair loss in males. Wearing a scarf, bandanna, or terry cloth headband over your hair can help reduce hair loss.

3.   Use Coconut Oil For Your Hair

Coconut oil comprises fatty acids that infiltrate inside the hair shaft and reduce protein loss from hair. Coconut oil is suitable for all hair types and best suited to the ones with dull, damaged, and dry hair and the ones with slow hair growth.

If your hair is dry, you can also use it as a leave-in treatment. Coconut oil helps in promoting overall hair growth, making the hair soft and lustrous. It also protects the hair against heat damage and repairs weak and brittle hair strands.

4.   Massage Your Scalp

Regularly massaging your scalp for a few minutes is supposed to stimulate the scalp and increase hair thickness. Massaging the scalp is supposed to assist in promoting blood flow to the area.

Ensure to massage your hair or scalp at least once every week using a scalp-friendly oil. After two hours, cover it with a shower cap and wash it off with a light shampoo. If you want an assured good quality oil, you can check out the review for cantharidine oil benefits.

5.   Exercise & Diet

Along with consuming a well-balanced diet, make sure you exercise regularly. Hair fall can be reduced with yoga and meditation. A healthy quantity of exercise keeps us active, allowing our bodies to work efficiently and preventing hair loss.

As you engage in strenuous exercise, your body will demand appropriate nutrition, which can only be obtained by a well-balanced diet.

Final Thoughts

Some factors of hair development are beyond a person's control, such as heredity. A healthy and nutritious diet, on the other hand, may result in improved hair growth. Hair thickness and growth can be improved by using some home remedies and taking proper care of the hair.

A person should consult a doctor if they are concerned about hair loss or growth. Taking these steps and practicing self-care, on the other hand, will be especially good for your hair loss problem.

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