7 Proven Tips To Overcome Drug Addiction


Drug addiction has become a common problem nowadays, especially in teenagers and young adults. It is a kind of disorder that affects the individual's behaviors and neuro functionality. And the victim loses control to use legal as well as illegal drugs. According to the research, there are around 10 million drug abusers in India. Also, Punjab tops the list when it comes to the highest number of substance users. In this state, about 75% of youth have become addicted to drugs.

Once a person becomes addicted to drugs like marijuana, nicotine, alcohol, he/she continues to use them without caring about its harmful outcomes. Such people need to go to a rehab center in Mohali or any other part of the country to overcome the intense craving for intoxication. Generally, an individual undergoes the following stages of addiction

  • Experimental Phase -:

This is the initial stage. It is often seen that teenagers start using drugs just for fun with their friends. On the other hand, older people try toxic substances to eliminate stress, be it financial, workplace, or anything else.

  • Regular Use -:

It is the next stage to the experimental phase. In this, the individual starts taking toxic substances regularly with friends or acquaintances. Regular doesn't mean every day; it means in a fixed pattern ( in weekends or predictable circumstances).

  • Risky use -:

In this state, the person gets caught up in physical, emotional, and social issues. As a result, they drink and drive, do not perform well at the workplace due to the consumption of drugs, and cannot make good relations with the family.

  • Dependent -:

The individual who becomes dependent on drugs feels difficulty quitting the toxic substance despite its harmful effects on the body.

  • Addiction -:

This is the final stage, where drugs become a necessity. The individual loses control over the substance use and is not able to curb their cravings.

If you or your loved one is dealing with a drug problem and really want to quit an addiction, you are at the right place. In this article, we will give some tips on how to reduce or stop substance use. Here we go

  • Except The Problem

Before all else, you need to be realistic and accept that you have an addiction to toxic substances. Then, prepare your mind to make every effort to get out of this addiction.

  • Stay Close To Positive People

Stay close to supportive and positive people as much as possible. They will encourage you to quit drugs and to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, positive vibes from them boost your mind's parasympathetic activity and re-energize your emotional being.

  • Keep Yourself Indulge In Activities

To recover from substance abuse, you need to stay away from your old life. Although it's a tough road, developing new hobbies can help. So pick up some sober hobbies like reading, cooking, writing, listening to music, etc., and keep yourself busy throughout the day.

  • Workout & Meditation

Exercise and meditation can accelerate the active recovery from addiction. Generally, people consume tobacco, alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs to relieve stress. But, according to the experts, meditation and exercise also relax the mind and make you feel happy. So, it would be better to replace drug consumption with a healthy workout. Moreover, yoga also strengthens your immunity and reduces the chances of relapse.

  • Take Healthy Meals

One of the reasons for getting substance abuse is a poor nutritional diet. What you eat has a great impact on your body as well as mind. A balanced nutritional meal makes you feel healthy and happy. And when you are really joyous, you are much less likely to turn to toxins.

  • Don't Hassle To Share Your Thoughts

Drug quitting may sound very easy, but it's quite a difficult job. Many people feel anxious, lonely, and depressed during the journey of substance deaddiction. If you also feel this way, don't hesitate to share your feelings with someone who really understands you. This will give you peace of mind and not let you waver from your goal.

  • Take Help Of Expert

Don't underestimate the value of physiotherapist advice, and don't feel shame in taking help from a rehab center. They will help you to stay away from relapses and compulsive drug-seeking.

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