Ways to Incorporate Blue Into Your Décor

 Do you have a favorite color? I bet it's blue! There are so many shades of the color blue, and the possibilities for incorporating that hue into your décor are endless. You can use it as prominence in your décor, or you can make it the main focus. Blue is a color that has been associated with royalty and wealth. It also symbolizes faithfulness, balance, and wisdom. It is a calming and soothing color. It's no wonder that many people love blue - including interior designers! Blue décor has been trending for decades, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate this beautiful hue into your home or office design. The good news? Blue can be incorporated in so many fun ways!

 In this blog, We will tell you about easy ways to incorporate blue into your decorating scheme to make any room feel more calm and soothing!

Blue Palette for the Walls

You can paint your walls blue to calm and serene. You can choose plenty of shades, but deep blues may be the most popular option for a calming room. You can also paint parts of your room blue, like the accent wall or a rounded corner. Every shade you choose will make the room feel different, so experiment with what color you like best!

Blue as an Accent Color

While blue is a calming color, it can also be used to create contrast in your space. For instance, if you are designing a bedroom that incorporates bright colors such as reds and oranges, add some navy on the main wall or window to add a nice pop. You can also paint your furniture blue for an interesting juxtaposition of colors to make the room feel fresh and new! To add a bluish touch to the floor, lay area rugs in colors that compliment the ocean.

Incorporating Blue with Other Colors

Another way to get that calming vibe is by using different colors in small doses, such as lavender and navy blues. You can combine these shades for an amazing color palette! If you want some inspiration, pair up blue with other colors in the cool family. If you mix a warm color such as red or yellow, use some blue on your walls to balance out the warmth and make it softer. You can also pair dark blues with neutrals like taupes or browns for an interesting, calming, yet refreshing effect.

Blue in Complementing Areas

If you want to create contrast but are not sure what color goes well with blue (or don't like it), experiment with different tones such as light blue or navy. These shades will work well with a warm color such as red-orange, yellow-green, pink-purple, and more!

Blue Colors for Children's Spaces

If you try to add some fun into your space without going too intense on the children's room decorating theme, try using light blues like baby blue in small doses. Combining them with other colors like yellow or pink for accents will make the room playful and relaxing. If you are decorating a room for kids, blue and pink can be used as complementary colors.

Blue in Your Living Room

If you're looking for a color that can not only complement but also calm down your living space without feeling too dark, try using navy blue as an accent wall. It will work well with a white sofa and dark blue living room rug on the floor to achieve a cozy and textured style.

Blue for a Dining Room

If you're looking to make your dining room feel homier and inviting, try using lighter blues like light blue or baby blue as accents against the white walls with brighter colors, such as yellow, in small doses. That way, it will look fresh but still relaxing at the same time. If navy isn't your thing, you can also use a lighter shade of blue in the dining room. Decorate the dining table with a white tablecloth and blue dishes to enhance the feeling of a cool, calm dining experience. You can also mix blue by using darker shades like cobalt or navy with brighter colors. If it's a smaller space, then go ahead and put that dark blue tablecloth on the table along with dishes of all different shapes so they can add some "pop" against the dark background.

Blue for Bedrooms

If you want to bring some coolness and freshness into your bedroom space:

  1. Make it feel like home.
  2. Try using softer shades of blues such as light or baby blue against white walls.
  3. Choose a white bedspread with blue pillows and put a flower vase in the corner.

It's generally best to mix contrast with a white or dark blue curtain. The addition of a plant bucket to the room will provide some completeness for your aesthetic sense.

Blue for Kitchen

If your kitchen has many white, or maybe even some black and wood tones, then go ahead and bring it to life by adding blue accents. Using retro dishes with a cobalt dish towel hanging on the oven door handle (or anywhere else) will do wonders! A blue cookbook in the window sill will also give your kitchen a clean, crisp look. If you're not as adventurous and prefer to use more neutral tones for your home's décor, then try out turquoise accents around the kitchen. Keep it subtle by using one or two of these pieces of cookware with a turquoise handle. You can also use the color to brighten up your kitchen by painting one wall blue or adding some paint in an accent area.

A Touch of Blue to the Bathroom

Even the bathroom can be touched up with blue! Clear your countertops of any clutter and replace them with a beautiful turquoise vase or bowl. Add some decorative pieces like framed pictures, wall hanging, etc., to give you that spa-like feel. Put a rug in the blue palette on the side of the bathtub so that it is easy to step onto and get out of without slipping.

Sum Up

There are many ways to incorporate blue into your décor, but one of the best is from a rug. Rugs have been used for centuries, and they can make a striking statement in any room you put them in. They also act as functional pieces of furniture because not only do they add color, style, and comfort to space. But they help keep things like hardwood floors clean by acting as a barrier between shoes or other objects on the ground and these surfaces. If you're looking for something new, then try picking up some vibrant art-deco rugs from RugKnots with different patterns such as chevron stripes or floral designs.

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