What Should I Look For When Hiring A Plumber?


A plumber is someone we most often look up to extend professional help as plumbing issues are one of the common ones to trouble us. However, before hiring the plumber we hardly look for anything and just call anyone who is nearby. That is where we commit a mistake. Like before even booking an online food order we check the ratings of the restaurant then why not look for the credibility of the plumbing services provider. If you go for checking that thing before hiring a plumber you would get to know who are the top plumbers in Orange County, San Jose, Oakland, etc that can offer you the best and affordable solution.

The point that you would ask here is that what are the things or parameters to look for before hiring the plumbing services. It is a genuine question, the answer to which is not known to many. That’s also probably one of the main reasons why most people don’t do much research before hiring a plumber. However, as you have landed on this page you don’t have to worry as you can get information here holistically in case you are looking for a plumber in Orange County. We are going to discuss the same here to guide you.  So, be there and carry on reading as you were doing till now.



Applying the general rule or rating that those with the highest start rating are best to go for doesn’t work here. The reason is that plumbers with high ratings who are decently far from your location would charge you more. Well, it’s obvious for them to cover their travel cost along with the service cost. The best option here for you is someone who is within a 2-5 KM radius and has a decent rating.

The lesser is the distance the better it is as you can always call them for follow-up or troubleshooting issues if they occur post-service. With a service provider in the other corner of the city, this would be a difficult thing. Take time to search and choose from good available options nearby your residence.

Licensed Service Provider


Look for those plumbing services providers who are certified and licensed. This would offer you a chance to be assured of getting services from quality service providers. If you go on to hire any local plumber to save cost trust us you would be regretting it later. The reason is that any local service provider who doesn’t have proper experience and certification would only deliver you a temporary solution. Thus, you would have to go to certified professionals after wasting money with them. So, better go to them straight away.



One of the most important things to look for is the service record of the plumbing services provider. Knowing this is crucial to get an idea about what you should expect from them and whether it’s good enough to spend money or not. Further, you can listen to those who have been served as clients by the service provider and can make a decision in a better way. Here you must look for some genuine feedback as many times you can find fake kinds of reviews just to boost the visibility of the service provider. A fake post is generally a rosy kind of narrative or a fully negative one.

Service Cost


Another major parameter on the list is the service cost. You would not like to be off track on budget terms after getting the plumbing services. Thus it is advised that you should ask for a quotation first before going for hiring the services immediately. Getting quotations from 2-3 service providers would give you a fair idea of the market price and you can make your budget adjustments accordingly based on that. This is a smart way to approach and address your plumbing needs.

Post-service Assistance


There are chances that post getting the services from the plumber you might face an issue. Here if the post-service assistance is not good then you would be stuck mid-way. Straight away ask the service provider about the post-service assistance and till what is the time period for which they offer warranty of their service.

Also, inquire about any hidden or additional charge (if any) that they might be charging later on. This kind of trickery to extract more money from clients has been an issue from the side of certain service providers. So, it’s better you be clear of things beforehand.



As we come to the wrap-up of our discussion we hope the answer to the question is clear. We started with the question of what you should look for in a plumber before hiring. Now, we have given you sufficient parameters to watch out for as you look to hire the services of the plumbers. The idea is simple: don't be excited and impatient enough to make quick moves. Be a bit patient to check and get the right person to deliver you the services. It’s logical and obvious to not waste time in searching for a good plumber whenever the need arises and invest some time initially to get in touch with affordable and quality service providers.

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