10 Best Wedding Haircuts for Men

 If you want to look your best then make it your wedding. Your wedding pictures are going to last forever. You are spending a lot of money on your wedding, therefore, you don't have to invest a good amount of time into styling your hair. Choosing a haircut is not only about cutting itself but also about how fresh it is and how to style. Haircut app helps to make your hair stylish and good looking for your wedding day. The important thing is you have to prepare your haircut in advance. Talk to the hair stylist or barber just before the wedding day to have the right one. However, you also know about the best haircut to choose.

So, let's have a look at the top 10 hairstyles for men at their wedding. 

  1. Leading part

Classic haircut is never gonna be old since it uses an evergreen haircut. Don't forget that these wedding pictures of yours will last forever and classic haircuts never end up. Modern classic haircut is always good to flaunt at your wedding. This haircut style includes a side part, scissor cuts on the sides and some length on the top. The hair should be in the position to be pushed over. The simple and chic hairstyle is best to wear with a wedding suit and tie. 

  1. Wavy hair strands

Longer hairstyles are adopting longer and natural hairstyles these days. Letting your hair do the things is your best look most of the time. This style gives you a classic and cool wedding day look that makes you look like yourself. It is better to give a simple trim before the wedding to set your hair. This natural hairstyle comes naturally with products. If you have a little or more wavy hair then this hairstyle is extremely perfect for you.

  1. Controlled buzz

In this hairstyle, keep your front hair slightly longer on the top and short on the sides of your hair which helps highlight your bone structure. The barber gives this haircut which is not one length all over. This hairstyle is good if you have tough and tight hair that sets tightly with styling it perfectly. It is ideal for short hair and chic and simple. It goes well with short and simple beard styles. 

  1. The slick-back

This slicked back hair is one of the most classic and chic occasion styles for men but it completely depends on what product you use. No, you don't use gel to make it slick. It makes your hair wet rather than slick. Using a pomade to volumize your hair makes it too shiny. Then style it towards the back and flaunt it. It goes well with medium length hair then looks fluffy and volumized to make your hair beautiful.

  1. Waves on top

One of the easiest ways to enhance your hair is using a styling cream for your hair. It is suitable for all hair lengths and doesn't need much control that helps provide shape. Styling creams that help de-frizz and keep your hair looking smooth and shiny. It gives a natural look that is especially ideal if you have longer hair with a natural wave to make you beautiful and shiny with perfect shape and style. 

  1. Long hair with beard

If something can be a better combo then it is long hair with a beard. Short hair is not very ideal for exploring different hairstyles but with long hair you can style many haircuts. And combining it with a beard just makes it more stylish and fancy. This hairstyle adds masculinity in your features and longer beards have been gaining popularity as well. 

  1. Long pompadour

Pompadour is one of the popular and ideal hairstyles that goes well with this. This is considered a classic in wedding hairstyles and for those who have a little flair and wave to go with the short pompadour can go for this blindly. Side of the hair remains short and fading down, then the top of the hair is quite longer than usual to add finish and make you handsome for your special day. 

  1. High pompadour

This hot and spicy haircut is gaining so much popularity in recent years. You can choose it if you please with a high fade and loose pomp that moves with wind giving it tousled hair. This favourite shop might be the one for you if you are looking for something new and exciting. This hairstyle is perfect for weddings and even long pompadours. In this the top of the hair style like this and the side of hair keep short and trim.

  1. Man bun slicked

This popular hairstyle is suitable for all seasons. When you think of a bun then gather all your hair into a bun on top of the head and make your hair as simple as that. This style has its own technique and tricks that give the view of simplicity. One of the ways is to master the art of wearing the bun before trying it for themselves. There are several styles that fit rightly with longer hair. 

  1. Classic taper cut

This short taper hairstyle on the top gradually fades into the skin giving this name. This tailor made style is ideal for most occasions and one of the most popular ones among wedding hairdos. Taper the sides of hair and style to the back with some gel to give the shine and smoothness of the hair.

Bottom line

These are some of the best hairstyles that give a simple and chic look for men that help to flaunt your hair. You can try them or ask your stylist and barber which one looks perfect with your.look, hair type and face shape. Which hairstyle do you like the most? Would love to know.

In order to try and explore these hairstyles you can consider haircut apps that help to schedule the appointment with nearby salon to try different hairstyles. You can also suggest your bride to book the appointment for trending makeup packages. You can simply book an appointment with a nearby salon and visit there at slot time to try the desired haircut. 

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