Popular Entry Door Styles Options with Best Material Choice


Entry Doors Defined

What defines an entry door? For most people, the phrase conjures up an image of the quintessential front door, but your home may very well have some side door or backdoor entrances, too. To that end, an entry door can really be classified as any walk-in point of entry. And the right entry doors do more than just allow for easy access to your home. They should provide for better security, enhanced privacy (when desired), and also look attractive in the process.

Popular Entry Door Material Options

Leading American entry door manufacturers offer a wide selection of entry door products in all sorts of styles, designs, and functionality options. After choosing a look and style you like, you’ll next need to settle on an entry door material. The most popular materials for entry doors in America are steel, fiberglass, wood, and glass; here’s a quick breakdown of each.

Ø  Steel

Steel doors are very common; they account for roughly half the entry door market in America. In addition to being durable and low-maintenance, steel entry doors are also one of the more affordable options. One downside of steel is that it can be vulnerable to denting, and unattended scratches can eventually rust if not properly addressed.

Ø  Fiberglass

Fiberglass entry doors are a solid choice for many reasons. These products range from moderately-priced to premium options, and include some very realistic embossed wood textures. Fiberglass also handles wear-and-tear better than steel, and can be either painted or stained. One negative with fiberglass is that a forceful impact can result in cracking.

Ø  Wood

Wood doors aren’t cheap, but wood is still popular for the simple fact that it delivers the natural authenticity that many other materials try to mimic. Wood is a pretty good insulator too, so solid wood entry doors can be an energy-efficient option. In addition, wood doesn’t dent, and scratches are relatively easy to sand and refinish. One main drawback is that wood can be moisture-sensitive, and generally needs more maintenance than either steel or fiberglass.

Ø  Glass

Glass windows, inserts, and sidelights are additional features that many like to include in their exterior door designs. Glass features add some visual interest, let in some natural light, and provide for greater visibility (when desired). A sliding glass door is a great choice for the patio and other entrances too. Plus, a door that’s primarily composed of multiple glass panes can be framed with any of the above-mentioned materials, and more. Pro tip: just make sure to choose a quality locking system for your glass door.

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