Rising Matrimonial Frauds - How To Avoid The Risks?

 Matrimonial sites have been a boon for folks looking to find the right partner and get married. There are innumerable success stories that these platforms have created over the years. However, if there's light, there's bound to be darkness too. In that sense, matrimonial sites have also been attracting fraudsters and cheaters. These criminals frequent such sites, primarily to loot your hard earned money. There are also people who may be there just to gain physical intimacy without any sort of commitment to marriage.

It is apparent that such frauds and cases of cheating can be a devastating experience for the victim. It can affect them so deeply that they may no longer want to be in a relationship anymore. So, what is the solution? Should you stop using matrimonial sites? Well, not exactly. To avoid being cheated on a matrimonial website, you just need to be a bit more careful than usual. Here are some things you need to remember to avoid being cheated on matrimonial websites.

Reluctance towards video chat or F2F meeting - If the person is constantly avoiding video chats or face to face meetings, it could be a reason for concern. Don't proceed further unless you have met the person face to face. Even video calls can be deceptive and should not be relied upon completely.

Instant marriage proposal - Fraudsters will usually try to speed up things with the promise of marriage. They may come across as very friendly. They can deceive you into believing that they are the one you have been searching for so long. Please note that they are professionals and are likely to have cheated other people in the past. On your end, keep things at a slow pace. If the other person is a fraudster, they might get frustrated and quit.

Unusual interest in your finances - Fraudsters are usually sweet talkers. They may charm you into revealing your finances such as your bank balance, investments, etc. If someone appears to be too abrupt to discuss financial matters, it may be a reason to be cautious.

Too quick to fall in love - While normal relationships usually take significant time to nurture and mature, fraudsters will express their love quite quickly. If someone appears to express their love in just a few meetings, it may be a sign of trouble.

Living abroad – Fraudster will usually pretend that they live abroad. Once they gain your confidence, they will ask for money. Some fraudsters also pretend to send gifts and extract money in the name of custom duty. If a situation arises where you are asked to pay money, it will be better to block that person.

Last but not least, you need to be careful which matrimonial site you choose. Mainstream matrimonial sites are heavily commercialized and they are there with the sole purpose of making profits. A better alternative will be community-based online marriage bureaus such as Matemeet.in. These community-based matrimonial sites can be more reliable and trustworthy, as profiles and biodata are sourced from within the community network.

By following the above guidelines, you can reduce the risk of getting cheated on matrimonial sites. Subsequently, it will become easier to find the right person for your marriage.  
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