Things you need to know about Plantation Shutters

 Plantation Shutters have become an important part of furnishing in your house, owing to the various advantages offered by them. Not only do they help keep the harsh sunlight out and keep the temperature of interior under check, but they also help ensure privacy from the prying eyes of outsiders. They enhance the aesthetics of your house, making them a preferred choice over curtains for many people.

Types of shutters and the difference between them

Shutters are available in 2 different and distinct designs i.e. traditional and plantation shutters. While both have the same function, their design is what distinguishes the two. Traditional shutters are also known as colonial shutters and one usually finds them in homes that have a country style décor.

Plantation shutters got their name from the extensive use in plantations to keep the heat and sun at bay. They grew in popularity due to the extensive protection and their long life. The major difference is in the width of the slats, with plantation shutters having slats of up to 5 inches wide, while traditional shutters have only 1 ¼ inches wide.

Why are plantation shutters popular?

As compared to roller blinds or rolling shutters, plantation shutters have become more popular among both residential and commercial premises. Some of their significant advantages are;

  • Energy Efficiency: This seems to be one of the major factors for their popularity. Their extensive width helps prevent the hot outside air from entering the house, thus keeping the inside temperature low. This helps in lower energy consumption and leads to a lower power bill.
  • More Durable: Their strong form and design, ensures they don’t sag or break easily making them highly durable and more cost efficient in the long run for both residential and commercial installations.
  • Better Privacy: The unique design of plantation shutters helps ensure privacy and prevents people from peeping into your house, and intruding on your private moments.
  • Multiple design choices and styles: Plantation shutters are available in various designs, styles and colours so you can easily find a design of your choice. You can also find the perfect match for your house, based on the existing interior design to complement and maintain a uniform look throughout your home.

Are plantation shutters easy to maintain?

Yes, plantation shutters are very easy to clean and maintain as compared to rolling blinds or shutters, which are more fragile and demand careful handling. The wide span of the shutters makes them strong and sturdy, and you can easily clean them with a damp cloth whenever required.

Plantation shutters can also be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Those installed in the exteriors require frequent cleaning since they tend to collect dirt and debris more easily as compared to interior installations. It is also advisable to remove the shutters once every month and clean it at the hinges, to remove any dirt that may have accumulated over there.

A good way to ensure that too much dirt and dust does not accumulate on the shutters, is by ensuring that they are not kept open for long periods at a stretch. Keeping them open for long periods can also put pressure on the framework, due to which they may require more frequent repair. To ensure the longevity of your plantation shutters, maintain a periodic cleaning and maintenance schedule.

Plantation Shutters are durable, easy to maintain and complement the look of your house.

As compared to curtains and rolling shutters, one should consider installing plantation shutters in the house or commercial premises since they offer better privacy, increased energy savings and are also highly durable. Given the numerous designs, styles and colours available, you can easily find one that matches and complements the interiors.

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