Top 5 Laptops for Creating Powerful Video Animations for Businesses


What do you do when you're not satisfied with your phone's camera quality? You research, plan and evaluate your next phone decision for the sake of those bomb selfies! Similarly, when it comes to creating animation a powerful medium is required. Of all the creative processes, computer animation is regarded as the most exciting and worthwhile. Businesses involved in this process are well-aware of the thrill, enjoyment, and frustration this field possesses.

Yes, you heard it right. As much fun creating animations are, they can be the most stressful and tiresome jobs when not accompanied by a medium that is capable of handling the complex data processing that animations require. Crashes, lags, delays, broken up and tattered movement in viewports, highly slow rendering, are all reasons that can make an animator bang his head on the wall. But, don't worry, we’re here to assist you.

To achieve exceptional results in animation and graphic creation, you require a high-end configuration laptop or PC that consists of a powerful processor, high storage and memory, and a premium graphics card. The best laptops for animation are a combination of all these factors. So, let us ease the task for you and present you with the list of some finest laptops for animation!

#1 Apple Macbook Pro 16”

With a size of 16 inches, Macbook Pro from Apple still tops the list of “best laptops.” Even though it's not among their latest collection, the Macbook Pro is light as well as thin and has a sleek, smooth design and has a powerful performance for any professional editor or animator.

The beauty of the Macbook Pro is that like many Apple devices, the Macbook Pro is another brilliant laptop for graphics and animations. To all the animators, video editors, YouTubers, designers, motion graphics artists, and any other creative experts, the Macbook pro is simply the best version of the Macbook in the market.

With an i7 Quad-core processor, strong Radeon Pro discrete GPU, and super-fast SSD storage, Apple MacBook Pro delivers fantastic performance for all your tasks such as video encoding and rendering 3D models and large file transfers. However, all of its wonderful features do not come for free, the Macbook Pro is quite expensive.

#2 HP Envy x360

The best economical laptop for animators, video editors, and motion graphic artists. If you’re in search of a laptop that offers premium quality without the hefty price tag, HP Envy x360 is your ultimate solution. Credits to its compact, strong design with exceptional performance, it has been regarded as the best laptop for creative experts that's light on the pockets.

With a 15 inch touchscreen, HP Envy is fast and fantastic which also supports the MPP2.0 pen from HP, allowing users to draw wonderful images with utmost ease and comfort. What's interesting about Envy is its internal specifications: AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series powers the laptop which can manage to multitask effortlessly.

Moreover, with the help of AMD’s Integrated Radeon graphics card, you can experience super gaming performance as well. On the other hand, the only downside to this laptop is that it has a short battery life with a narrow keyboard. This can cause slight difficulty while working.

#3 Huawei Matebook 13

You love Apple’s Macbook, but you're short on finance? No worries, Huawei Matebook 13 is a great Macbook Pro substitute. Huawei is one of those few companies that's giving tough competition in the market, but very few customers realize its worth. With an innovative cooling design and a stunning screen, Matebook comes with an 8th generation Intel Core CPU and a performance that puts others to shame.

Furthermore, this laptop provides its users quality at an astonishingly reasonable price. Huawei Matebook is known for its super awesome performance and 256 GB storage makes this a laptop a choice you won't regret purchasing.

What makes it perfect for animation, casual gaming, and photo editing is the fact it supports Nvidia GeForce MX150. Moreover, this Matebook has a full-view touch display that feels larger than 13 inches, making the animation creation experience worthwhile!

#4 ASUS ZenBook 3 Deluxe Ultraportable

ASUS Zenbook is a complete package for passionate designers and animators. It is truly an exceptional combination of excellence and power that delivers an ideal balance between performance, efficiency, and portability.

Launched in striking blue color, ZenBook takes graphic designing and animation to another level, thanks to its 16 GB RAM, i7 core processor, a screen size of 14 inches, thunderbolt USB ports along with high-resolution graphics.

This offers great performance and experience for all your video editing and animation projects. Additionally, it possesses a robust quad-speaker audio system, amazing wifi capabilities, and crazy 9 hours battery life so you can work as long as you want!

#5 HP Zbook 15u Notebook

The HP Zbook possesses an Intel Core i7 processor, advanced graphics coprocessor capabilities accompanied by 16GB RAM that will allow you, as an animator, to use heavyweight design and animation software without any pressure. It comes with decent screen size and super amazing resolution and quality.

Designed for utmost ease and convenience, the HP Zbook is no doubt a treat to use. Light as a feather and extremely easy to use, thanks to its smooth touch screen. Moreover, it comes with a super-fast processor- an important requirement for design and animation softwares. Additionally, it also has three strong speakers.

More impressively, the HP Zbook has a six-hour battery life which permits the users to work as long as they want without the battery draining frustrating them frequently. With so many convincing features, you must be assuming it's expensive, however, Zbook has a relatively low price point as well as a 3-year warranty. This means you just cannot go wrong with HP Zbook and definitely not with your graphics and animations work.


Creating animations is a fun task, but can get equally annoying when not accompanied by the right medium. Every laptop offers different specifications and you can choose it as per your animated video. For instance, if your business is involved in a product animation video, you'll have to choose a laptop that serves the video's requirements precisely. Only then will you master the art of animation.

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