5 of the Best Mystery Movies Released in Bollywood


The best mystery movies are those that keep one on the edge of their seat, make them want to watch it again and again. So what are the top 5 bollywood mystery movies? This article will show one 5 top mystery movies of bollywood, which one can see or download by installing vidamte application.

  1. 36 China Town (2006), directed by Vishal Bhardwaj 

This movie is about an ageing gangster, Zakir Hussain, with two wives who find themselves surrounded on all sides either by the cops or rival gangs after they discover that their families are hiding stolen diamonds in them! This bollywood mystery crime drama will have one hooked till the end till it reaches its climax where everything comes to light and then some more – taking one for another ride full of twists and turns that leave them feeling like their eyes were glued shut because there is so much happening at once but yet again time has flown past without even noticing it! If one is looking for something extremely gripping, then this film should be your go-to choice.


  1. -A Wednesday (2008), directed by Neeraj Pandey

This movie is a mystery crime film that stars Naseeruddin Shah as a police officer who has been asked to work on the case of an anonymous caller who called and gave him four hours' notice before committing a major terrorist attack in Mumbai! The city descends into a panic, but this doesn't stop our hero from following clues until he reaches his target – which leads to some intense action-packed sequences at every step of the way!! This movie will have one glued right till its end because it keeps throwing twist after twist out there for one's viewing pleasure.


  1. Raaz (2002), directed by Vikram Bhatt

This mystery thriller is about an aspiring actress who plays the lead in a Hollywood film because of her resemblance with someone else. The location where they are shooting this movie turns out to be haunted and she begins having nightmares until eventually things get worse when people start getting killed around her – all while trying not to end up dead herself! 


  1. Nil Battey Sannata (2016), directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari

This movie is about a working-class housewife who wishes to put her daughter in an English medium school, so she starts coaching the daughter with everything she knows – giving birth to some funny scenarios along the way! This comedy mystery film stars Swara Bhaskar as lead and goes on till it reaches its climax, where one will be sure that there are more than enough twists for them. If one wants something extremely different, this one should definitely be watched today because of all the fun moments it has throughout, leaving you feeling like time had flown past too quickly without even noticing it! 


  1. Aitraaz (2004) directed by Abbas Tyrewala

This mystery thriller is about a married woman who starts an affair with her boss and gets caught red-handed one day while doing so. She plans to get away from the situation to avoid any bad publicity, but that's when she finds out that someone has been recording them in action – which leads to some very intense scenes between all three parties involved throughout!! In the end, everything comes together at once without even realizing how much time had flown past during one's viewing enjoyment!


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