7 simple ways to secure your new home

 All individual dreams of a house of their own, but a house can be converted into a home by various things. We are going to discuss about how to secure your new home. A house can be turned into home with some basic things such as love, care, security and bonding with a family. To protect the family we need to set some basic things in the house.

1. Your House Should Have A Good Earthing System To Protect From Electricity And Secure The Power Line.

An Earthing system or grounding system is a system by which electricity of a house directly connects with the ground. This is for the safety and functional purpose. This can also secure from Electromagnetic compatibility of the installation. It secures the wall and protect your house from being burned.

2. Water Supply Should Be Good In Your House. Kitchen And Bathroom Should Be Properly Maintained.

The bathrooms and kitchen is the vital place inside your home. The water supply is a must here. So the drainage system should also be very secured. Water leakage block drains etc should be secured. The kitchen set up should have plenty of water.

3. Your House Should Have A Double Down On Door Security

Door Sensor should be used instead of Alarms. The single cylinder device can be locked or unlocked by simply turning or pushing the thumb lock on the inside knob; this engages detracts the boults. Double cylinder locksets are unlocked by both sides.

4. You Should Have A Vault To Protect Your Valuable.

Vault are kept in house in a protected way so that you’re valuable are protected and with full safety. Vault should be  setup in your house so that  your house could be protected from theft. Your valuables should be kept inside it and should be secured with a password.

5. Install A Home Security System In Your House.

A home security system is a must now a day. Now everybody prefer live with independency. In such situations home are often kept idle. By then time your home should be kept protected. Due to this reason CCTV installation in Kolkata is a must now. Many more metropolitan cities are now dependent on this CCTV.

6. Lock Down Your Wi-Fi Network

Change the default admin password regularly after a period. Avoid using routers supplies ISP's. Over the past several years, the number of botnets comprised of hacked routers has increased and those botnets have been used by both criminals and sophisticated state-sponsored attackers to launch attacks home. And then it becomes easier to control your house electric network and everything. It can also keep constant monitoring on you.

7. Door Sensor Should Be Used Instead Of Alarms.

The difference between a door sensor and a alarm or bell is one can detect bulgur calmly and the other makes much noise to make the thief aware. The door sensor direct make a sensor if the door is touched at night but without making noise. It is a must and a very useful thing to deal with.

It is true that if a thief wants to get into your home, he can probably find a way, but most burglaries and thefts are a crime of opportunity committed by an amateur. This means that the more difficult you make it for someone to enter your home, the more likely it is that he will move on to a home that is not as secure. By using the suggestions we’ve given you, you can reduce your chance of being victimized by theft or burglary. Remember, the Coon Rapids Police Department is here to help. Don’t hesitate to call us.
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