Amazing Scientific Reasons behind Hindu Traditions


  • Why do temples have bells ?

The scientific reason behind having bells in the temple is that when we ring them, they clear our mind and help us stay sharp and keep our full concentration on devotional purpose. These bells are made in such a way that when they produce a sound, it creates a unity in the left and the right parts of our brains. The moment we ring the bell, it produces a sharp and enduring sound which lasts for minimum of 7 seconds in echo mode. The duration of echo is good enough to activate all the seven healing centres of our body. This helps in emptying our brain from all the negative thoughts.

  • Why do Indian women wear toe ring ?

There is science behind wearing a toe ring as well. Normally toe rings are worn on the second toe. Wearing the toe ring on this finger strengthens the uterus by regulating the blood flow to it.  This would help in regularizing the menstrual cycle as well. As Silver is a good conductor, it also absorbs polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body.

  • Why do people throw coins into a river ?

The general reasoning given behind throwing a coin into a river is that it brings good luck. However, scientifically speaking in ancient times most of the currency used was made of copper, unlike the stainless steel coins of today. Now, copper is a vital metal very useful to the human body. So, throwing coins in the river was one way through which our forefathers ensured that we intake sufficient copper as a part of the water as rivers were the only source of drinking water.

  • Why do we join both the palms together to greet ?

In Hindu culture, people greet each other by joining their palms – termed as “Namaskar”. The general reason behind this tradition is that greeting by joining both the palms means respect. But scientifically speaking, joining both hands ensures that joining the tips of all the fingers together gives a pressure to our pressure points of eyes, ears and mind and activates them. This helps us to remember that person for a long time. And also no germs are transmitted since we don’t make any physical contact.


Prepared by : Shweta. Parikh

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