How video editing tools can leverage small business


In this technological era, every business is trying to transform digitally. Businesses that have adapted to this digital age are reaping great results. However, amidst the high competition, it is difficult for a small business to survive. Small businesses try to stay in the market via video marketing.

The benefits of video marketing are evident to everyone nowadays. The qualified leads generated by businesses can be increased by 66% via video marketing. More than 80% of businesses that use video marketing have increased their ROI (Return on Investment).

Small businesses need video editing tools to make effective videos to share with customers. Video editing removes the patchy elements of a marketing video and makes it more appealing. Read on to know how small businesses can leverage video editing tools available in the market.

Small Businesses can Make Videos Faster

Marketing videos need to target a specific audience and need to be appealing. It may take more time than usual to make a marketing video. Small businesses cannot wait indefinitely for the production of marketing videos as it could hamper their ROI. Also, small businesses have a limited number of employees that are responsible for handling day-to-day business growth activities.

Many times, a small business cannot invest in hiring video editing experts. Instead, they ask their in-house employees to do the job. The in-house employees start making videos with a traditional PC or smartphone. They use the built-in editing tools offered by the PC or smartphone. The built-in tools cannot offer the speed you need during video editing.

The built-in editing features only offer a few editing styles and are good for beginners. It is why small businesses should go for a professional video editing tool that can save time. You can choose a video editing tool with an intuitive interface to help your employees learn video editing quickly.

You can Optimize Marketing Videos

Several online channels can be used by small businesses to share their marketing videos. Big corporations have dedicated video platforms that are used to share marketing videos. Small businesses look for digital channels where they can share their videos for free.

If you have a website for your small business, you can share marketing videos easily. It is suggested that marketing videos should be shared on the landing page of your website. According to the latest reports, marketing videos on landing pages can enhance customer conversions by 86%.

Small businesses can also share their marketing videos on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. More than 70% of businesses share their marketing videos on social media platforms. A small business can also share marketing videos on numerous social media platforms.

The issue with sharing marketing videos to multiple digital channels is that you have to optimize your videos for each channel. For example, you might have to decrease the size/quality of your video a little to reduce the loading time of your website. Different social media platforms also have different aspect ratios and resolutions.

A video editor can help you in optimizing your marketing video for different digital channels. You can change the quality, resolution, and aspect ratio of your videos easily with an online video editor.One can also make marketing videos that have different audio/video formats with a video editing tool.

Small Businesses can Add Captions/Subtitles

When a small business goes online, it has the intention of attracting customers from different geographical locations. Digital marketing can expand the reach of any small business. However, the language of customers may change from one location to another. You still want to convey to them the pros of your product or service.

Small businesses cannot afford to make marketing videos in multiple languages due to budget constraints. However, they sure can add subtitles or closed captions to their marketing videos. A video editing tool can help you in adding subtitles or transcripts to your marketing videos.

By adding subtitles, the marketing videos can be understood by customers from different geographical locations. Subtitles and closed captions can also target those customers that have impaired hearing.

You can Fix Shortcomings in Marketing Videos

Sometimes, patchy audio occurs in between marketing videos that does not make it appealing. Customers will quickly skip marketing videos that have bad audio/video quality. A video editing tool lets you export videos of the highest quality to attract customers.

With a video editing tool, you can fix choppy audio issues. One can also fix the lighting issues with a reputed video editing tool. The editing process can remove numerous shortcomings of marketing videos and lend them a professional look. To avoid bad audio/video quality, you should use better equipment for shooting and recording. For example, you can invest in a high-quality earphone that could record your audio without any noise.

What are the Top Video Editing Tools for Small Businesses?

Some of the top video editing tools for small businesses are listed below:


InVideo is the perfect video editing tool for small businesses. Besides offering a premium version, InVideo also provides a free version for small businesses. Businesses can use the free version of InVideo for as long as they want. You can create marketing videos in more than 70 languages with InVideo to target a wider audience.

Also, you will get around 5,000 premade templates that can be used to make marketing videos in less time. The vast media library of InVideo offers many stock images, license-free music, and video clips that can be used for creating marketing videos.  

Filmora Pro

Filmora Pro is a paid video editing tool that can aid in making marketing videos. It offers many advanced editing options like color grading, audio equalizer, video stabilization, speed control, split-screen, tilt-shift, and scene detection. You can also get a free trial of Filmora Pro to know more about the editing options.

Final Cut Pro X

If you are an expert in video editing, you can use Final Cut Pro X for making high-quality marketing videos. Final Cut Pro X is only compatible with Mac devices and unlocks numerous editing options. Video experts prefer Final Cut Pro X for creating 3D motion graphics.

Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro allows audio/video editing options to professionals. It supports multi-cam editing, and you can create 360-degree marketing videos. It has an intuitive interface that lets you make the best use of advanced editing options.

In a Nutshell

Video editing tools can let you create marketing videos based on the preferences of customers. You can convey stories via your marketing videos to enhance your reach. Effective video marketing will have a positive impact on the ROI. Start making marketing videos via a high-end video editing tool!  

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