How Tetris Can Keep Your Brain Young?

Spectrum cable and Internet services are good in quality and easy on the budget for anyone to buy. The advanced technology has failed to replace some old games from the life of the humans. Tetris is one of the old games and it helps to keep your brain young.

The technology has been trying to replace the old ways of living a human life. The Spectrum cable and Internet bundles have already replaced some old games. However, some games got lucky to pass on to the new generation. One of those addictive games is Tetris.
It is one of the most famous and widely played games. Individuals belonging to all age groups love to spend their spare time playing it. Here is all you would love to know about it.

What is Tetris?

Tetris is a tile-matching game that was invented by a Russian game maker. It is a video game and was released in late 1980’s. The mastermind behind this addictive game is Alexey Pajitnov. It got famous among adults and young individuals soon after its release.
The Game Boy version of the game was launched in 1989. Within two years of its release, it became a part of every computer operating system and mobile phone. The game won four awards in the software and gaming world as well.

What is Addictive about it?

It is known as one of the most addictive games of the history. According to a research, it is an addictive game for the human mind because it lets the player control the order of the tiles, is easy to learn, and does not require much effort to win the game repeatedly.
It gives the user a chance to enjoy the small victories and highlights the mistakes as well for the user to learn and not repeat them again. The player can set different challenge levels in the game manual as well.

Color Scheme of Tetris

Initially, it was black and white but with new advancements in the game, a color palette was selected for the game. The colors of the tiles include light blue, dark blue, yellow, orange, purple, red, and green. These colors add more to the excitement and addiction of the player.

How is Tetris healthy for Brain?

Many researches have proved that Tetris is healthy for the human brain. BMC Research Notes show that players of Tetris have a thicker Cortex improving the efficiency of their brains. Moreover, the group of girls who were used as a part of the research showed improvement in their subject grades as well.

Scientists find it amazing how playing one game can improve the efficiency of the human brain. They are not sure the way playing Tetris makes the human brain more efficient and to what extent. It is decided that research will be carried further to come up with the solid and free of doubt results.
It is time that you stop your kids from playing games and encourage them to play Tetris as much as they want. If you want, you can join your kids in the game as well. To play the game on your laptop or phone, contact Charter Spectrum customer service to get an internet connection first.
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