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I am a 26-year female, working and living by myself in New Delhi. While my life seems to be a dream-cum-true and cake walk to many, very limited people knew of the shortcomings I faced. Politics at work, broken relationship in past and with so many fake relations around, I was diving head first in the dark end of life. It was during this time I came across Intelligent Ageing and its services and decided to avail them.

Like every other individual, I had my skepticism in place, I was too scared to address the elephant in the room and admit what was happening to me due to the fear being judged by the world.


However, the entire experience with Intelligent Ageing changed my perception. Their process is categorized in 3M’s –

1. Measure – Before starting with any medical procedure, Intelligent Ageing believes in conducting few physical tests. They strongly follow the motto of knowing is better than wondering. The tests are done for understanding the status of physical health of the patient and to check for any symptoms. This includes body mass, fat proportion, bone density, fat mass, diabetes, the degree of obesity and few other. There are few other procedures of medicine review and helping them with different therapies to cure for anyone found having any health issue. Since I had none, I was moved to the next level. I personally found this procedure impressive since they don't work on if/or but rather on facts.

2. Mentor - Here a mentor (usually a doctor or a life coach based on the need, for me it was later) is assigned to every patient. They try to understand the personal as well as family health history of the person and identify reasons for the current health issues. Once this is done, they counsel the patient and recommend certain check-ups or tests for further investigation. This session helped me deep dive and understand the core reason behind my feelings. It was like talking to a friend who not only understood me but was ready to help me get over it.

3. Monitor - Now this is what I liked the most about their service, it doesn't end with the patient stepping out of their premises. Intelligent Ageing software and health app clubbed together keep a check on the real-time health of the patient. Their doctors and life coaches are available round the clock to help in the time of need. This is what I call a perfect health service.

I hope this helps you understand my affinity towards Intelligent Ageing's services and why I would recommend it to everyone I know.

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