Things You Must Do to Maintain Mercedes

When we talk about Mercedes, it's known for Engineering, Quality and Reliability. Alongside having all the amazing features & safety technology, Mercedes takes on the role of taking care of you and your driving needs. Keeping that in mind, we've come up with a few ways that will help you take good care of your Mercedes. Get ready for the dependable reliability. Let's dive in;

Checking the Oil
Make sure you park the vehicle on the level surface. Switch off the engine for about 5-minutes if at normal operating temperature. If it's not at the normal operating temperature, switch it off for at least 30-minutes. It's imperative as you are giving the oil some time to come down out of the engine and into a reservoir.

Here's how you will check the level of oil using a dipstick;
·         Pull the dipstick out of the guide tube.
·         Wipe the oil off it.
·         Slide the oil dipstick into guide tube till stop & take it out again. You've got sufficient oil if it's between MIN mark and MAX mark. If not, it's time to add some more oil.

Maintaining & Checking the Cooling System
For sure, all of us want to keep our cooling system in proper shape and prevent it from corrosion. Perhaps that's the reason why experts suggest having a 50/50 mix of coolant & distilled water.
Here's how you check the coolant level;
           Just check the coolant level when your car is on a level surface - the engine must cool down first.
·         To check it in Mercedes-Benz, just turn the Smart Key to position 2 in the ignition lock and check  the coolant temperature display in the instrument cluster.
           The coolant temperature should be below 70 C to open the coolant reservoir in case it needs to be  added. For that, you will slowly turn cap half a turn counterclockwise - allowing excess pressure to escape - and add coolant.

Keep it clean
Whether you take your car to the automatic car wash or do it yourself in the weekend, cleaning is imperative in either way. But it's not just the outside that you need to pay attention to the inside of your car is quite likely to be overlooked. Just make sure that you pay equal attention towards the outside as well as inside of your car when it comes to cleaning.

Check out the other side of the driving equation
No matter how good your car is when it comes to mileage and road performance, you must not avoid the brake fluid level as it has to do with your controls. Also, listen to any unusual sounds that you may hear while applying the brakes. If you are can't fix it, just take your car to the reliable Mercedes service Dubai and get ti fixed by the professionals.

Do you want to learn more about how to maintain Mercedes to have it last longer with great performance? Just check out the article now

By: Naveed Ganatra
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