Why Should You Conduct Electrical Checks In Your Home?

Just visualize the situation for ten minutes. Your ancestors made a hasty retreat to their homes before dusk after working in the fields. They had no artificial lights but only natural ones. Now, after Edison made the discovery of electricity, every aspect of life has become easy. You can find your home in the dark because of street lights. Just imagine your life without electricity. Yes, you can, for a moment, think with mobiles, but they also have to get charged after the stipulated time.

And, for a moment, just imagine your home without any electronic appliance. The washing machine, vacuum cleaner, geyser and many more. You will be bereft for words. But what is the main ingredient that connects them all? Electricity. And it is this factor that will be dealt in this article. Electricity is a dutiful servant, but when not properly taken care of, can result in death to the MASTER.

Now let us get back to the topic. The very mention of home and you end up with a smile. Only pleasant memories come to you. But as a family member, or as the Head of the family, it is mandatory that the security of every person (member) is ensured. Routine, regular checks have to be conducted on electrical systems. Imagine a high voltage of electicity passing to the human body. It can result in severe injuries or may be loss of life, resources and money. However, the human mind is always tuned to be positive and think positive. Especially if its is regarding the electrical system.

This is the main reason for the mishaps to happen. You take the electrical system in your home for granted. But is there a way the mishaps can be prevented? Yes. Especially if you are in urban cities of India such as Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. A new set of companies have emerged which offer the best handyman services at the customer’s doorstep. Let us imagine, you have a old house in Bangalore. Now, the electrical system have become old, and you want to revamp the system. So, you have to hire the services of qualified electrical contractors in Bangalore. There are many home services companies in Bangalore which offer quality services at the customer’s doorstep. You just have to download the app, fix the date and the company technician will come to your house to offer the services. But since it is a revamp of electrical system, you may have to also book a civil engineer and other experts for the renovation.

What are the early signs to prevent harm or injury by electricity?

Outdoor Inspection
Bangalore is called as the Garden city. If you live in a area surrounded by trees, and the branches are touching the wires, seek the relevant Government body’s permission to cut the tree parts.

In case you have a garden, keep the branches of the plants away from cables and wires. Also, if the air conditioner part is kept outside, ensure that it is away from dust or shrubs.
If you live in a old home, check the breaker panels. You should exercise caution when examining the panel’s interior. If you find markings of burnt wires or scorches then you know that it is mandatory to seek the services of a seasoned electrician. 

Indoor Inspection

If you suffer from fuse breakouts, then it is time to conduct the inspection. If you encounter mild electric current in the sockets or switch board, then be careful. Does the rainwater come inside your home via the walls? And, does the wall contain a electrical system or socket? The water has seeped into the wall and touched the wires. In similar situations, the entire wall may become a electricity source or you may face permanent cuts in electricity. In these cases, only a qualified electrician can help you.

If the bulbs in the home regularly blink, then it is a sign of improper voltage fluctuation. In such cases, bulbs give you the first indication as they need a certain amount of watts to give light.

All electronic appliances manufactured in recent times, cater to the changing voltage in home. But being man-made items they can also get repaired. In some cases, the plug can give off a spark or the adaptor can become hot due to the voltage. In similar situations, do not take chances with  any type of electrical outlet. It is advisable to make a note of the appliances in the home which needs more electricity.

If your house is old and have completed five decades, then you have to face a challenge. In those times, every house used only minimum level of electricity. Now, with so many electronic appliances as the geyser, dishwasher or air conditioner, the circuit board cannot take the load. Do you experience a fluctuation in the bulbs every time the air conditioner is switched on? Then you have to change the circuit panel and the load.

Do you stay in a farm? Then keep the eyes open for damage to the wires. The main culprits are the rodents and rats. Also, if you have invested in a rainwater harvesting system in the basement, ensure that the water stays safe. In case of water touching the circuit wires, the system may suffer complete blackout. Always remember the rule – water and electricity when mixed together make a killer combination. To the dot. In every part of the globe, a majority of the home accidents are linked with appliances and water. Now you know what we mean – garages, kitchen and washrooms.

You may be a DIY enthusiast, but be careful when it comes to electrical problems. It is necessary to seek the services of a qualified electrician. You can seek the services of a home electrician via the above mentioned method.

In developed countries, every household conducts an inspection on the electrical system every six months. Follow the rule. You will remain safe and in peace always. That includes also your family members.
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