Goa: More than beaches and nightlife

Like any popular tourist destination, the state of Goa is known for its beaches and nightlife. It is the main attraction of this place and it is the very reason why people travel miles to come here. Even foreign tourists are well aware of this fact and they also indulge in some of these activities. Yet, there are more than just tourist activities around the state of Goa. One can also go on treks and visit some ‘off the beaten path’ places.

Its popular image has shrouded the natural beauty and the sheer number of things that Goa has on offer. There is the Mandovi River which flows through the state and nourishes the forests of the region. Wildlife is teeming in and around the state and there are a few national parks. It is also home to some of the most popular waterfalls in the country. The Dudhsagar falls is one of the most majestic and popular waterfalls in the country. It is a four-tiered structure and one of the tallest in the country; it falls from a height of 1017ft, off a steep mountain face. It is a part of the Bhagwan Mahaveer sanctuary and the Mollem national park. One of the ways to reach and experience the falls is to go through the forest and take a van to it.

The best route, however, is to go by trek. There are many trails in and around the parks and the forests and although the climb may be a slightly tough one, the nirvana at the sight of the falls makes it all worth it. The best time for a climb is during the monsoon months when the rains make it easy climb and the cold weather means the experience is even better. Goa is also home to a lot of spice plantations. There are many tours which can take you through the gardens and give you a guide on what goes on around growing spices and cultivating them. This can range from a very basic tour to a well-guided tour; which immerses one in the world of spices and helps them find a transformative knowledge of spices to help them in the kitchen. 

It is recommended that one visit these plantations during the rainy season. The sheer smells and delights of aroma from the spices are magnificent and the sensation it evokes is worth an experience. The monsoon is one time period when many people avoid visiting Goa as the beaches get bad and the crowd is not great. Yet, this is the perfect timing to visit when one takes into account the sheer sights and pleasantries one can get during the monsoon. Forests come alive during this season and the Goa experience is completely different from any other time.

If heading from Delhi, check the Delhi Goa flights schedule and listings for easy bookings; then pack their bags and plan an itinerary. Monsoon and the beaten paths all make the Goa trip unlike any other and if one just wants to stand apart, this is the way to go.

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