Try the amazing 4 week milk diet to lose weight incredibly!

Niryas: (Milk products manufacturer in delhi  : Hassled routines and sitting jobs have helped us a great deal to garner some unwanted belly fat. Given how caught up we usually are with our work, fitness has taken a back seat. We've been all trying to shed some extra kilos from that waistline but it is just not happening! Do you feel irritated about it?
What if we tell you that you can help your cause of weight loss with a simple milk diet? You don't need to sweat in the gym for hours neither do you need to take up those exhausting exercises to come back to shape. Follow a simple 4-week milk and revamp your belly's shape.
A 4 Week Milk Diet for Weight Loss
**Week 1 **
In the very first week of this process, you don't need to be too harsh to yourself. There aren't many restrictions on your food habits and daily routine in the first week.
**Breakfast **
For breakfast, you can choose between two options. You can choose a combination of scrambled eggs, multigrain bread, and fat-free milk. If not this then you can choose to have banana pancakes with fat-free milk. you can also alternate between the two combinations.
**Lunch **
For lunch, you need to keep it light. A tuna salad or a lettuce wrap followed by fat-free milk will be all. Give sufficient gap between salad and milk.
**Dinner **
Eat grilled vegetables and tofu for dinner. Follow it up with a glass of fat-free milk at bedtime. Add half teaspoon turmeric to the glass of milk you consume at bedtime.
**Results after Week 1**
Your body and your mind start to feel more active and energetic. You will be able to sleep better, concentrate better and things would start to get better.
**Week 2 **
In the second week, the restrictions get real time. Here is how you need to manage the second week of the 4-week milk diet.
**Breakfast **
For breakfast, have a glass of fat-free milk with a few almonds and a boiled egg. If you are vegan then you replace the boiled egg with a cup of fresh fruits. 
**Lunch **
When it comes to lunch, you need to keep it as simple as a combination of soup and multigrain bread. Follow it up with a glass of fat-free milk after sufficient time.
**Dinner **
Dinner remains the same as it was in the first week. Eat grilled vegetables and then after about an hour or two have a glass of fat-free milk. Do not forget to add a pinch of turmeric to it!
**Results after Week 2 **
At the end of the second week, your body would have lost the water weight. You will start to feel less bloated and your digestive system would start to function better.
Follow the same trends for two more weeks. Alternate between the food items listed above. After a complete 4 week milk diet you would be amazed to see the results. You will look slim yet toned and most imperatively your body would be fitter than ever. 
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