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maker): The evolving technology has made the very aspect of life easier, subsequently the business segment is not an exception. IT industry launched one by another many software and applications that make the function of the office smoother. One of them is employee time tracking software which is used to manage man power or human resource. 
The software is used by employers or managers to record working hours for billing, salary or payroll or operations. The employee time tracking software is used for multipurpose as it can audit time spent and other activities on the assigned project. The software can generate an automate payroll or client invoicing.
A good time tracking solution helps you to give a proper shape to your budget structure as it guides to segregate fund for the different objectives attached with a given project. 
Reports and surveys shown that using a good time tracking solution can resolve the issue of working hours. Recently, a human resource firm (HR.com) revealed in a survey that 43% of employees exaggerated their working hours. 
Clearly, in such scenario, time tracking software is a need of hour and such application makes the operation more comprehensive and productivity oriented. As the gospel goes that ‘time is money’, the software thus save a lot of money. 
As mentioned, the time tracking software is multi-faceted, here are the prime benefits of the application:
1. Productivity enhancement: The employee time tracking software helps employer to optimize the work capacity of his crew. It also enables to monitor work progress of tasked project. As the software provides time-wise analytic, the manager can modify his strategy to meet the deadline for complete the project.
2. Time capture: The proper time management and operational insight given by the time tracking software provide a perfect guide for future projects. The data yielded from the software gives real picture of workforce and employees’ capacity in details and with time slots to meet the project and its need.  
3. Transparency and accuracy:  The software enables proprietor to get billable hours which are tracked and recorded with accuracy. The data provided by the time tracking software not only helps to calculate working hours but also evaluates staff performance monitoring data-driven metrics.
4. Reduce the workload of HR or Accountant: Since the software is being operated automatically, no more HR or manager needs to bother to track working hours. It also automatically updates records and give accurate metrics sheet-wise.  
5. Identify focus area: During the meeting of post project, the software appears as the central point of discussion as it gives accurate picture of operation of completed task. It also underlines the area where the improvement is required.
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