How to Increase First-Time-Fix Rates in Field Service

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Many Field Service Enterprises often undervalue First-Time-Fix Rates as they prefer investing their time in other departments. However, FTF is crucial to building a proper base of an organization which gradually leads the company to a success path. These days, field service technicians are highly depended upon advanced machines and software. KloudGin is one of the most trusted names in the Field Service Management industry which provides reliable cloud-based software for all the organizations. It improves the FTF and technicians can entirely focus on the allotted task.  
In a service-oriented company, apart from customer satisfaction, FTM is also essential which decides the future of the organization.  
Field Service Management becomes more comfortable with the use of advanced Field Service Management Software. Cloud-based software stores all the data, essential documents, tutorials, guidelines and pretty much everything. All these data and tools can be accessible by on-field technicians from their device quickly. This will undoubtedly help the technicians to complete the tasks in less time. An on-field technician is highly depended upon
  • Arrival to the given address allotted by the organization
  • Accessibility of the sources from the FSM Software or another way
  • Making new strategies for solving the tasks
  • Training and Tools for handling on-field operations
A Service Manager sends the technicians to solve problems with proper strategies and tools with new ideas to resolve the issues of the customers. A Field Service Manager must provide appropriate training to the Technicians who are going on-field. He should train them with detailed information about the tools and how they can fix particular tasks easily. To increase First-Time-Rates, a technician must provide reliable service in less time which would gain the trust of the customers. It is highly depended upon the following three points.  
Increase First-Time-Rates in Field Service Industry
  1. Make good strategies
To run a successful business, you have to appoint a proper strategy maker who can generate new ideas for the organization to improve its functionality and productivity. If we talk about the Field Service Industry, it's becoming more competitive day by day. For the very same reason, you have to provide the service which takes less time and fixes the customers' problems quickly.  
Two different Field Service Companies have different ways to solve the issue. If you have a proper strategy to fix a problem, it will take less time, and your company will receive good feedback from the customers. Customers' satisfaction is also essential in the Field Service Industry, and with proper strategies, you can provide both, 100% customer satisfaction and reliable on-time service in less time.  
  1. Training  
Properly trained technicians can fix allotted tasks quickly. The service-oriented organization main task is to provide excellent services to the customers who seek for your help. If your technicians are not trained enough, they would not be able to fetch the right information or make use of the tools and resources which are readily available. You should provide training about using the right tools and making use of the available resources.  
If you invest well in training, it will give you high returns eventually. Yes, when your technicians provide satisfactory services to the customers, they will recommend your name to others. In future, they would not go with any other, but yours. You will see growth in the organization's output in a few months.  
  1. The Right Tools
If you provide useful knowledge and training to your Technicians, they will be able to give the best of services to the customers. However, without proper tools, they won't be able to complete the tasks. Yes, if a technician doesn't have the right tools, he can't fix the problem, and he has to return without completing the tasks.  

What you should do is provide proper information about the available tools. Let your technicians understand the importance of each tool which is available. Spend some time to explain the significance of a new tool which will undoubtedly increase the FTM Rates. These days, many advanced tools are available which take very less time to do particular tasks. Your technicians should be well aware of using such new generation tools. Gradually, they will become smart at providing services to the customers.  
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