Increase App Engagement With Push Notifications

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We live in a day and age where mobile apps are not only beneficial for a business, but pretty crucial to their survival in the environment. What environment, you ask? The one where all industries which rely on marketing to thrive require the most efficient means of communicating with a large mass of followers. However, many businesses build a mobile app thinking that their job is done in that regard as soon as the development process is complete. Unfortunately, that is very far from the truth.
In order to successfully make use of your mobile app, you must consider implementing a Push Notification system where the company’s information is directly transmitted to users, or “pushed”. There are several benefits that come with implementing such a business strategy, and in this article we will be going over them to see just how exactly can Push Notifications impact your enterprise or small business beneficially. Also, we will be looking at how you can make further use of Push Notifications to boost your business.
Opt-ins are the key for getting things going
Push Notifications are great for businesses and they are also great for users because they get the latest information about the kind of deals and offers you can provide on your end. Of course, in order for this to be a convenience for them and not an annoyance, opt-ins are required. Through an opt-in, users agree to receive Push notifications. Your job is to convince them that by opting in, they are doing themselves a favor. Try to use a catchy message or an enticing reason for which they should do it.
Make it personal, they’ll love it
Push Notifications are all about users getting direct information about things that appeal to them. It defies the purpose to push notifications about things that “might interest them”, and surely you can’t expect a whole lot of people to agree to those kind of terms. However, if you make Push notifications more personal, you are bound to get interest out of more people. Use the data you collect about your users to personalize the experience for each of them individually. Use information pertaining to their gender, age, preferences shopping habits and more so that they feel like you are addressing them directly. This type of information can be collected throughout a user’s history with your app and your business.
Limited offers
Limited offers are something that could really spike the interest of those using your app. It would, most certainly be able to appeal to customers as do all things where you feel like you only have a short amount of time to be part of something great. You can extend this feature so that each user could get a limited time discounts on some articles in your store that they have visited lately. Something along those lines should bring you more app hits per day and keep people interested in your app. Be careful not to overdo it and make a limited offer out of everything. It’s supposed to be “limited” and special, not a random but frequent occurrence.
Notify about updates
An often seen issue is that mobile app developer comes out with fresh updates but users, for one reason or another, fail to install it. They are potentially missing out on very important updates or features which would boost the overall quality of the app and at the same time make it more attractive for them. You can use Push notifications to let users know exactly when a new update has arrived as well as assisting them with downloading and installing it.
Make sure they know you care
You can set your app to have push notifications pop up when a user accesses the app after a long period of not being around. A “we missed you” type of message could have a big role in keeping users loyal to your app and business.

That being said, there are many practical applications for the Push notification concept. By using Push notifications in all its aptitude, you will be able to build a stronger relation with your public as well as maintain a certain image that people have about your business. Many would agree that the worst thing a business could do is not let people know what they’re selling. Push notifications are an efficient and increasingly popular way of combating such problems, and the overall popularity of an app can dramatically improve thanks to them.
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