How to hand wash delicate clothes

We all have a section of our wardrobes that has all our party wear dresses and clothes that we keep for some special occasions. Most of the clothes that are in this section are delicate and hence cannot be washed like our other regular clothes. Some times cleaning these might be a task, and hence most often we end up giving it for dry cleaning.

The below steps will help you clean such pieces of clothing at home with ease:

1.      One dress at a time: Do not stock pile. Keeping washing them one at a time so that they are cleaned thoroughly and there’s not chance of colour of one clothe being cast on the other due to colour bleeding.

2.      Never machine wash: It is always a bad idea to wash any delicate clothe in the washing machine. But in case you have no other option, you need to be extra cautious. Be sure to put it in a mesh bag separately form all other clothes.

3.      Do not scrub, brush or wring: Be very careful to only use gentle hand movements while washing these clothes. Never scrub them with your hands, or rub with a brush, or wring them after rinsing to removes excess water.

4.      Use mild liquid detergent: It is advisable to especially use a mil liquid detergent as it gets rinsed very well leaving behind no residue in the dress. Detergent powder light leave behind patches / stains after drying.

5.      Wash with cold water: Always wash delicate clothes with cold water as hot water might lead to colour bleeding or shrinking of the dress. Washing with cold water is also good for retaining the bright colours in the clothes and preventing it from becoming dull over a short period of time.

6.      Do not use harsh chemicals: One should never use harsh chemicals like bleach and all while washing delicate clothes. These chemicals harm the fabric strands and also makes the colour dull.

We have tried to list here almost all the major pointers when it comes to washing tips for delicate clothes. But the most important thing is to check the label on each dress and refer to the washing instructions of those specific clothes. Always follow those instructions to keep the new-like for years to come. best laundry services in gurgaon
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