5 Canadian Delicacies you need to try right now

 Canada is the second largest country and is influenced by multi-ethnic cultures from all over the world. In such a scenario, defining its food culture can really be tricky. Generally, whenever it comes to the food culture of Canada all we have in mind is –Poutines! As Canada’s cuisine and culture carries hints of immigrants from France and England. However, Canada is widely known for the relishing delicacies served in the country. Though it is quite difficult to cover them all, we have picked up 5 from the list that you must try, like right now!

  1. Poutine: This Canadian food item had to top the list of all the food items to try in Canada. Poutine is known for its mouth-watering taste beholding Quebec origin influence. The basic idea of the dish is plain French Fries dipped in thick spicy gravy and cheese curd; however, there have been several other adoptions of the dish giving it an all-new Canadian essence.
  2. Beaver’s Tail: Deep-fried dough coated with sugar in a shape of the tail of a Beaver Bird is another famous cuisine of Canada. Generally, the Beaver’s tail dish is topped with Nutella, chopped bananas, berries, crushed Oreos, caramel, whipped cream, or sometimes maple syrup too.
  3. Butter Tarts: Butter tarts are one of the most delicious and famous desserts of Canada. The appearance of butter tarts is just so mouth-watering that you won’t be able to resist them. The flaky pastries are slathered with butter and stuffed with raisins. Sometimes, the chef adds pecans and walnuts to make them taste crunchy. Generally, the butter tarts are either semi-solid or gooey depending upon your preference. If you have a sweet tooth, you must not miss out on the butter tarts.
  4. Pate Chinios: The Pate Chinios are mainly considered like the comfort food for almost all the Canadians. Though their preparation is extremely easy and quick, they taste impeccably good. The Pate Chinios consist of layers of meat, mashed potatoes, and creamed corn and prepared in a similar manner to that of a Shepherd’s Pie. Give it a try once and you will never forget its taste.
  5. Bloody Caesar: It sounds scary, doesn’t it? Well, the taste of Bloody Caesar or simply Caesar is out of the world. It is prepared from clam juices and tomato. You must give it a try, whenever you are visiting Canada.   
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