5 Most amazing Metro Stations around the World

 Well-known for being dark, dirty and loud, Metro stations are nor the cleanest or the safest place to visit. From the smell of urine to unwanted rodents, you would not want to look at your local metro stations. Yet, there are some metro stations around the world that have charmed those who are fond of art, architecture, and history. Mentioned below are the world's 5 most amazing metro stations around the world.

1.     Toledo, Naples

Located in Itlay, this metro station is one of the most popular in the world. Projecting colours from black to gold to blue, the station features gorgeous lights. Constructed by Robert Wilson, ruins of city walls from the Aragonese era are integrated with the architectures in between various permanent art installations. Head to this station if you want to lose yourself in a sea of colours and abstract art. Also, it provides a space for learning while waiting for the train.

2.     T-Centralen, Stockholm

The stop is decorated with floral and botanical motifs that seem to climb across the walls. Also known as “the blue platform,” the colour is chosen to imprint a sense of placidity which separates you from the chaos of the city.

3.     Radhuset, Sweden

Being one of the most iconic subway stations in the world, this place should definitely be on your bucket list. The station is being printed with a deep red colour that is in contrast with the certain neutral coloured areas of the station. The lit area is complemented with exposed bedrock which looks like something out of a Ridley Scott film.

4.     Mayakovskaya, Russia

Being a little more advanced from other stations from Eastern Europe, this metro station is definitely one of those that you remember. The station is decorated with stainless steel, marble, and lamps hidden inside oval niches on the ceiling which is designed by artist, Aleksandi Deyneka.

5.     Moyua Square station, Spain

It’s well-known for being fast, cheap, clean and efficient, no wonder why you would love to ride it. The station is etched with designs with natural lights that not only looks beautiful but also encourages commuters to walk in the right direction without the need for any signage. Most well-known of all is the glass canopy that protrudes out of the Moyua Square Station.

Bottom Line:

The above-mentioned metro stations are well-known for their architectural techniques and they make your waiting time a little more soothing.
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