Why marriage counsellors are in demand now a days

 They say marriages are made in heaven. But what if a fairy-tale-like marriage turns into a topsy-turvy tale after a few years, or maybe after a few months? It will be definitely a nightmare to the persons involved in the marriage, isn't it? If they want their married life to be a peaceful one or just as they dreamt of, they will require a magician who would cast a magic spell on them with his magic wand. And who will fit this bill in real life than a marriage counselor?

       A marriage counselor is someone who will bring the couple together out of their busy schedules of day to day chores and will act as an effective mediator solving their issues.

 It is a marriage counselor's job to minimize the differences between the couples and to make them thoughtful and considerate towards each other. In this fast world, where one has so little time for their better half, it's better to take advice from a marriage counselor if one is bearing dark patches in his married life. A marriage counselor will hear both the persons from a neutral point of view and will give proper advice to rejuvenate their ties.

  Marriage counseling typically includes both the partners but sometimes one partner chooses to work with the counselor alone. Marriage counseling can also help couples who are planning to get married. This type of counseling is called pre-marital counseling. It helps the couples to get a better understanding of each other and also figuring out the differences.

 Be it a sexual relationship, infidelity, raising of children, anger, substance abuse, etc; a couple should visit a marriage counselor and put in some effort to rebuild their relationship.

 Talking about one's problems to a marriage counselor may not be very easy. Sometimes a few sessions are enough for counseling while in some cases it may take a few months. Sometimes few sessions may pass idle as a person may not communicate properly to a counselor, which may end in silence sessions also. While it may also occur that growling, arguing, and yelling may come up in the session from a couple's side. Both seem to be okay as it's obvious that these are results of the emotional turmoil which one is going through.

Though a marriage counselor will help in reconciling one's relationship with his/her better half it may also happen that there is no other way out than to end the relationship peacefully. In both cases, a marriage counselor will be a mediator to ease out the problems so that further mental distress doesn't occur.

As a friend or family member may give partial advice to a couple, so it is better to take an expert's opinion if they are undergoing a rough terrain.

So in this fast-paced world, the expertise of a marriage counselor plays a pivotal role to mend the wear and tear of a couple's relationship and thus they are in huge demand nowadays.

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