Buy Used Hyundai cars below 5 lakhs with a Single Click!




Do you love to own a car but is your budget keeping you from buying a good one?  Now, you can easily buy used Hyundai cars below 5 lakhs. Yes, you are reading it right! Used cars have increasing demand now and most people look to buy good cars that requires less maintenance. Rather than buying cheaper cars, most people opt to buy second-hand or used premium cars for the price of the cheaper cars. This is why CARS24 has compiled a list of used Hyundai Cars below 5 lakhs which you could browse through and plan your purchase or book a test drive of the car with a single click. 

·         Hyundai i20 Elite 

The Hyundai i20 Elite is a premium hatchbackcar that offers various features. You can find comfortable legroom and headroom within the car and this would offer comfortable seating for four adults and a child. You can buy this premium hatchback for under 5 lakhs from CARS24 or even book for a test drive to make sure that you are happy with the car before you make a purchase. 

·         Hyundai Verna

A premium sedan and one of the best sellers manufactured by Hyundai, Verna that belongs to a 4th generation or higher could be found easily for 5 lakhs from CARS24. The sedan is available both in petrol and diesel engine variants.  There is an option for manual gearbox as well as optional automatic gearbox. Five adults could be seated within this vehicle comfortably without compromising with the boot space. 

·         Hyundai Santro

Hyundai Santro in its new avatarhas all the latest features and is a worthy successor to its very popular old version. The new Hyundai Santro was introduced because of its popularity. It has a tall hatchback design, apt for city use. You can buy a used Hyundai Santro from CARS24 for under 5 lakhs. 

·         Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 is an extremely popular city-friendly car that hasbeen a winner and topped the sales chart for Hyundai. The vehicle is available in both petrol and diesel variants with various features and specifications. You could definitely grab this beauty from CARS24 under 5 lakhs following a test drive, if you prefer to try the car out and then buy. 

·         Hyundai Xcent

Thisis a subcompact car that is stylish and has good interiors. This car boasts of style, space, quality, comfort as well as convenience. You can own a second hand Hyundai Xcent from CARS24under 5 lakhs easily. 

Conclusion - About CARS24

CARS24is an e-commerce platform that mainly buys and sells pre-used cars and bikes. They have an exhaustive inventory of used Hyundai cars under 5 lakhs. CARS24 ensures a hassle-free and smooth car buying experience; right from selecting a car, test driving it, checking its features, making sure that all papers are fine until finalising the deal and delivering the car to your home with a click!

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