Ambuja Kawach bags award for innovating in customer experience

 Ambuja Cements Ltd.

Ambuja Cements Ltd, one of India’s most sustainable and customer centric cement makers, has received the “Best use of innovation to enhance customer experience” award at The Customer Fest Awards 2022 for one of its key products, Ambuja Kawach, a one-of-its-kind specially formulated water repellent cement that prevents all forms of seepage.

 Customer Experience

 Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Chief Commercial Officer of Ambuja Cements; Mr. Umesh Soni, Head – Technical Services; and Mr. Gajendra Godle, Customer Engagement Manager; at the 15th edition of the awards on May 11 in Mumbai. The company had filed a nomination for its innovative green building solution, Ambuja Kawach, under the category of customer experience. More than 100+ reputed corporates across industries like banking, manufacturing, retail, automobiles and insurance showcased their customer centric initiatives in this event under various categories. After a thorough scrutiny by the jury, Ambuja Kawach was declared winner and recognised as the “Best use of Innovation to Enhance Customer Experience” under the Customer Experience category.

 Blended Cement

 Blended cement—which consumes lesser water, energy and resources and offers greater durability—comprises nearly 90% of Ambuja Cements’ portfolio and Ambuja Kawach is one such product, whose carbon footprint is nearly 33% lower than ordinary Portland cement. Ambuja Kawach is engineered with cutting edge technology that prevents water penetration in the most effective way, resulting in improved durability and life of structures. Ambuja Kawach provides exceptional shielding against water seepage and chemical ingress, adding strength to structures built with it.

 Customer Fest Awards

Mr. Neeraj Akhoury, CEO India Holcim and Managing Director & CEO of Ambuja Cements Ltd., said, “We are thoroughly honoured and joyed to receive this honour at The Customer Fest Awards 2022. While our products are made with the best practices that ensure quality isn’t compromised, it feels special to receive external recognition for our efforts. We have always ensured that Ambuja Cements’ quality products reach our customers, which in tucaters to their diverse needs and helps create sustainable structures.”

 Products Recognized 

 The international level with the “Solar Impulse Foundation” recognizing it as an efficient Green Building Solution. Ambuja Kawach was one of the top ten products recognized globally under this category. Structures built with this cement have reduced repair and maintenance costs. That apart, Ambuja Kawach is also listed in GRIHA’s Green Product Catalogue. Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment, or GRIHA, is a National Green rating system developed by the Government of India.

Largest Cement Makers

 India’s largest cement makers, Ambuja Cements has continued to drive customer value through innovation, responsible products, engagement initiatives and good customer service. It has strengthened its distributor connect through various outreach programmes, which helped it onboard 1,850 dealers and 4,200 retailers in 2021.

The businesses of 60,000 construction contractors and realty professionals, and Ambuja Abhimaan, a differentiated long-term loyalty programme.


Ambuja Kawach bags award for innovating in customer experience Ambuja Kawach bags award for innovating in customer experience Reviewed by Deepika gupta on May 22, 2022 Rating: 5
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