Hungama Kids’ jugalbandi with world-renowned tabla player Anuradha Pal

 Anuradha Pal inspires a new generation of classical musicians

India, 19th May 2022: Hungama Kids, a platform for content specific to kids, parents and teachers, has acquired content produced by world-renowned tabla player, multi-percussionist and music composer Anuradha Pal. The 11-video series, released on 9th May, a day after the birthday of this torchbearer of Indian classical music, features the maestro training tabla learners through 11 fun and exciting videos that are now live on the Hungama Kids app.

 latest addition

latest addition to the ever growing and robust library of the streaming service reaffirms the purpose of offering relevant and age-appropriate entertainment with ample academic opportunities across diverse topics. Bringing Pal’s unmatched mastery in the discipline of tabla, music lovers are getting a thorough breakdown of important yet rarely understood concepts of the instrument.

New series

The series is upskilling musicians across all levels of expertise through lessons on parts of tabla, Pakhawaj, Taal, body posture & finger usage, basic syllables & language of tabla, phrases, matras, hand gestures, and playing the instrument. Moreover, the series also educates children about playing Tabla solo and accompanying it with different genres such as Jazz, Flamenco, and Latin.


Audience is exploring a grand blend of experience transcending Indian classical music to research into music’s therapeutic nature. Researching about the said fields at Harvard Science Centre and Neurosciences University, USA, this maestro teaches students to relate rhythm with daily trivia and phenomena. Internationally acclaimed as the 'first professional female table maestro in the world', Pal  became the first Indian musician to release instructional training video DVDs in 2003.

Hungama Digital Media 

Soumini Sridhara Paul, Senior Vice President, Hungama Digital Media says, “At Hungama Kids, we vouch for our variety through an entire spectrum of shows full of infotainment. This new series adds a feather to Hungama kids’ cap. Having witnessed acclaimed artist Anuradha Pal leave music lovers in awe via her association with Hungama Artist Aloud, we are delighted to see her also be a part of Hungama Kids and thus create greater bonds with the Hungama family. The show is perfect for children during the summer vacations, which gives them ample time to pursue any hobby.

Anuradha Pal adds, “Music has the power to inspire and heal. In today's time, amid the growing negativity, music is that positive ray of hope that can bring a smile to every face. My constant efforts have been towards demystifying classical Music and making it more fun and accessible to the masses. Tabla is a versatile musical instrument and has a legacy of its own.
Hungama Kids’ jugalbandi with world-renowned tabla player Anuradha Pal Hungama Kids’ jugalbandi with world-renowned tabla player Anuradha Pal Reviewed by Deepika gupta on May 19, 2022 Rating: 5
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