Jaisalmer Gin Served a Reason to Cheer at The Gin Explorers Club

 Radico Khaitan Limited

Radico Khaitan Limited participated in recently concluded India’s biggest gin festival, The Gin Explorers Club in Mumbai, where it showcased and served its luxury brand Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin. The attraction at the event was the special gin cocktails curated by a celebrity mixologist using Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin.

Inspiring Editions

After four inspiring editions in Delhi, Gin Explorer’s Club witnessed a huge turnout of gin lovers in its very first Mumbai edition, who thoroughly embraced and indulged in an experience of true pop, rock, and blues. With an eclectic line-up, people got to sip and sway with music performances over the two days with artists like Zokhuma, Sindhi Curry, Lynston Dsouza, Ambika Nayak, Sickflip, and many more. Nearly 16 of the coolest Homegrown and International Gins- including some limited editions- took centre stage in the festival. Curated by Food Talk India, there were 16 Homegrown and International Gins for guests to experience a juniper-fuelled exploration of the mystical land.

Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin, Anup Barik, Master Blender, Radico Khaitan Limited

The premium taste of Radico’s Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin, which is named after the city of Jaisalmer, comes from the ancient Indian knowledge of herbs. Of the 11 botanicals used in the distillation, seven have been sourced from all four corners of India. Sweet orange peel from Central India, Cubeb Berries and Lemon Grass from Southern India, Darjeeling Green Tea leaves from Eastern India, Lemon Peel from Western India, Coriander and Vetiver from the fields around Jaisalmer. Angelica roots, liquorice, and caraway seeds are among the other botanicals used in the gin, giving it a spicy, slightly anise-tinged flavour.


The Mumbai fest experience and the gin market in India, Mr. Amar Sinha, Chief Operating Officer, Radico Khaitan Limited, said “We are overwhelmed by the phenomenal response by the patrons who thoroughly savoured the premium taste of our Indian crafted Gin, at the Gin Fest Mumbai edition, with footfalls at the bar setup by Radico far surpassing our expectations. The Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin, which is a luxury offering from the house of Radico, is a testament to the company’s innovation and product development capabilities. This brand is positioned in the fast-growing craft spirits segment globally and capitalises on the years of Radico Khaitan’s leadership experience in the white spirits’ segment. While premium Gin is an internationally favored spirit, it is yet to take hold in the Indian subcontinent but we are extremely happy to witness the emergence now. Overall, the taste for Indian craft gin has evolved, and was stimulated by an increasing number of options and strong sales backed by tailored experiential events. Our continuing association with events such as the Gin Explorers Club Fest is targeted to give people the fine taste of our product. In India, consumption patterns have shown a preference shift to more experimental consumption and adoption of alternative spirits by the lower age group.

Jaisalmer Gin Served a Reason to Cheer at The Gin Explorers Club Jaisalmer Gin Served a Reason to Cheer at The Gin Explorers Club Reviewed by Deepika gupta on May 26, 2022 Rating: 5
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