Kunal Kohli Rocking Birthday Bash

 Kunal Kohli  Introduction

Kunal Kohli lives in M block of Greater Kailash-2, New Delhi who is a leading entrepreneur in the business of real estate development & investment consultant. Kunal is very active in social work and is an active member of BJP as President, Cultural Cell BJP, Jilla New Delhi.

 Celebrate Birthday

Evening of 15th may 2022 at Kunal Kohli’s residence in GK-2. He organised a gala birthday bash which was attended by very prominent social figures, politicians, entrepreneurs, singers, writers, actors, models, international DJ, art collectors etc.

Guest List

Alisha Singh, Dhiraj Singh, Rajan Jain, Ruhi Ganguly, Sujay Ghosh, Brinda Malhotra, Ashish & Shelly Dhondiyal, Kavita Keswani, Rudraksh & Monica, Anjali Gulati, Lavina Bhatiya, Amit Chitkara, Piyush Mathur, Siddharth Berry, Rajiv Sawhney, Arti & Naresh Bob Khurana, Vicky & Kitty Arora, Ashutosh, Chhavi, Sameer Advani, Rohit & Mohit Aggrawal, Anita Arora, Kaushal Sawhney, Vikram & Silvee, Neena Singh, Atika, Lisa, Paayal & many more 

Opportunity To Party Hard

The birthday bash of Kunal Kohli was one of the grand celebrations after the COVID pandemic which lasted for 2 years and party goers were looking for an opportunity to party hard & Kunal's party did that & every socialite wanted to be part of the grand birthday bash. The birthday bash has become the talk of the town & the pictures have gone viral like a wildfire. 
Kunal's birthday party witnessed a grand social gathering accompanied with live music performance, booty shaking, had a great bar filled with a variety of drinks, cocktails, yummy snacks was served, elaborate delicious dinner & the atmosphere of the party was loaded with laughter, smiles & singing.

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